The Council's Corporate Plan

On 24 February 2020, Mendip District Council adopted the new Corporate Plan 2020-2023.

The Corporate Plan was drafted on the doorsteps of Mendip.  It's been shaped by local voices and has 'community' at its core.  It will inform the Council's decision-making, the activities and services we offer, and how we allocate resources. Through this plan, we will respond to the needs of the district, ensuring our distinct communities thrive.

Our Aim is:

To build a fairer, greener and more vibrant Mendip that values our distinctive towns and rural communities.  Corporate Plan 2020-2023

Our Corporate Priorities are to:

  1. Make Mendip a fairer place 
  2. Deliver on our climate and ecological commitment 
  3. Protect and enhance our towns and rural communities

Our Principles:

These Principles are guidelines that will underpin how we deliver our commitment:

  • Be transparent and open in our decision making 
  • Be an inclusive employer that invests in our workforce
  • Be a relationship builder with local, regional and national partners
  • Be smart in how we manage resources

Our Values:

The Organisational Values, developed by and with our staff, will guide us in how we act and work together to achieve our priorities:

  • Core Values:
    • Leadership 
    • Creativity
    • Achievement
  • Related Values:
    • Integrity
    • Respect
    • Challenge