Behaviour Change

 The facts 

  • The average carbon footprint per person in Mendip is approximately 8 tonnes (excluding emissions from goods and services we buy) 
  • A return flight from Bristol to Spain emits approximately ½ tonne of carbon into the atmosphere 
  • Emissions from domestic landfill waste are more than 14,500 per year in Mendip 

The plan 

  • Deliver a programme of community and stakeholder engagement across the Council and Mendip District 
  • Work with local groups, Parish, City, Town Councils and other partners to address climate change 
  • Develop a carbon literacy programme for the Council and community to increase climate change and environmental issues awareness  

Key sources of advice & information: 

  • Tackling climate change is a collective effort and positive action begins in the home.  
  • Have you ever worked out your carbon footprint? Click here to complete the WWF carbon footprint calculator to help you identify what climate actions you can commit to. 
  • One Home are an organisation who provide practical solutions on all things green. They have identified their "Ten Top Tips for Tacking Climate Change" - a simple guide to enable and encourage low-carbon lifestyle choices. 
    Icon for pdf Ten Top Tips for Tacking Climate Change [523.99KB]