Information contains the actions we have identified to support local businesses reduce their carbon footprints and also provides links to guidance and information on low-carbon actions businesses can take. 

What we are planning to do 

  • Promote and fund new green business awards and initiatives 
  • Find out what grants and funding are available for local businesses 
  • Promote "plastic-free" businesses 
  • Encourage businesses to develop travel plans for employees 
  • Explore potential of a Local collection point for commercial waste to reduce travelling to Dimmer site 
  • Identify key businesses to pilot the promotion of plastic-free consumables in businesses  
  • Work with local businesses to find out how they use plastic and promote ways to reduce plastic in business 

Key sources of advice & information: 

Find out 6 ways your business can reduce its carbon footprint

6 ways your business can reduce its carbon footprint!

Why not help our communities reduce their single-use plastic consumption by becoming a Refill station or sign up as a Plastic-Free business. 

Go to our Energy and Built Environment for guidance on how to improve the energy efficiency of your building.