Food and Nature

The facts 

  • 10% of UK emissions (46.5 million tonnes) are from the agriculture sector  
  • The target tree cover for UK Local Authorities is 20% 
  • Agriculture and livestock account for 2% of Mendip's carbon emissions  
  • In the UK, since the 1970s, wildlife has declined by 40% and a quarter of our mammals face extinction 

The plan  

  • Increase the potential for carbon absorption in our local landscape 
  • Increase biodiversity in our district  
  • Encourage the allocation of allotment sites with new developments 
  • Develop and deliver a Mendip district food strategy  

Key sources of advice & information: 

  • If you are looking at planting some trees on your land, visit the Woodland Trust's website for guidance. 
  • For tips on how to reduce food waste, check out Love Food Hate Waste for some great tips and ideas. 
  • Visit the Royal Horticultural Society website for advice on wildflowers and plants to attract pollinators into your garden, such as bees.