Approval of Details Reserved by Condition Application Checklist

The most effective way of submitting a planning application is to apply online using the Planning Portal.  This will save you the cost of printing and postage. 

In order for your application to be accepted as valid you need to comply with the National Requirements set out below: 

Application Form or written description providing the: 

  • Application address 
  • Application number 
  • Details of the respective conditions 

A copy of other plans and drawings or information requiring approval by the conditions being applied for.   

The fee schedule: Schedule of Fees  

All submitted plans must be to a recognised scale, plans that include the words 'Do Not Scale' will not be registered. 

Approval of Materials  

If the condition/s require samples of materials for approval, samples of all materials must be on site and made available for inspection before the application is submitted.  It would be helpful if a description or sketch of where the samples can be found on the site is provided with the application.  Technical information for the proposed materials, including websites where photos and supporting information can be viewed, can also assist the consideration of the application. 

Photos of sample panels taken in a good light are useful. 

Samples of materials must not be delivered to the office and will not be accepted because they must be viewed in the context of the site's surroundings.  

Advice for hard copy applications - 

2 sets of paper documents need to be provided.  

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Check: 

To ensure your application is processed and validated quickly, please DO NOT INCLUDE SIGNATURES or any personal information that requires redacting within any of the plans or accompanying documents other than the application forms. 

If information of a personal nature needs to be submitted as a material consideration, please include this in a separate document clearly marked as such.