Outline Planning Permission with some matters reserved Application Checklist

In order for your application to be accepted as valid you need to comply with the National Requirements set out here, followed by information needed to meet the Council's Local Requirements for the validation of applications.

A more detailed description of each Local Requirement document is provided by clicking on the relevant links below and where relevant, thresholds have been set to identify in what circumstances the documents are required for validation purposes. 

The most effective way of submitting a planning application is to apply online using the Planning Portal.  This will save you the cost of printing and postage. 

National Requirements 

Application Form 

Site Location Plan  

A copy of other plans and drawings or information necessary to describe the subject of the application including: 

  • Site/Block plan of the site (e.g. at a scale of 1:200 or 1:500) showing any site boundaries 
  • Design and Access Statement, if required 

Ownership Certificate (A, B, C or D - as applicable) as required by planning regulations.

Agricultural Holdings Certificate as required by planning regulations. 

In addition, where Ownership Certificates B, C or D have been completed, notice(s) as required by planning regulations must be given and/or published in accordance with the regulations.  

The appropriate fee.  

All submitted plans must be to a recognised scale, plans that include the words 'Do Not Scale' will not be registered. 

Additional information to be submitted with an Outline Application  

Government legislative changes now require an increased level of detail to be submitted with outline applications, when taken alongside the national requirement to submit a Design and Access Statement. As a minimum, outline applications will now include information on: 

  • Use - the use or uses proposed for the development and any distinct development zones within the site identified 
  • Amount of development - the amount of development proposed for each use 
  • Indicative access points - an area or areas in which the access point or points to the site will be situated 

Advice for Major Applications: 

2 sets of paper documents need to be provided even if the application has been submitted electronically. 

Advice for hard copy applications - 

2 sets of paper documents need to be provided.  

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Check: 

To ensure your application is processed and validated quickly, please DO NOT INCLUDE SIGNATURES or any personal information that requires redacting within any of the plans or accompanying documents other than the application forms. 

If information of a personal nature needs to be submitted as a material consideration, please include this in a separate document clearly marked as such. 

Local Requirements 

Air Quality Assessment
Biodiversity and Geological Conservation Assessment
Coal Mining Risk Assessment
Crime Prevention Statement
Flood Risk Assessment
Foul/Non-mains Drainage Assessment
Heritage Statement
Land Contamination Assessment
Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA)
Lighting Assessment
Noise Assessment
Parking and Access Arrangements
Resource Efficiency Statement
Rural Worker Dwelling Appraisal
Sports Provision Assessment
Structural Survey
Sustainable Drainage Strategy (SuDS)
Town Centre Sequential Assessment and Town Centre Impact Assessment
Transport Assessment
Travel Plan
Tree Survey or Arboricultural Assessment
Ventilation and Extraction Statement