Marketing and Business Evidence to Support Planning Applications SPD

The Local Plan contains policies to safeguard the loss of sites or premises providing local community facilities or sites in employment use.

A need for consistent guidance has been identified which sets out the Council's expectations for when evidence of marketing is required and the type of evidence required. This evidence is used to consider whether the use remains viable and has a realistic prospect of continuing.  

To improve clarity and consistency when considering these types of application, a Supplementary Planning Document has been prepared aimed at applicants and agents. This covers the minimum requirements for marketing evidence and will assist planning officers in considering whether adequate marketing has been undertaken.

The Advice Note indicates that a marketing strategy will be required to demonstrate that the site or premises have been fully exposed to the market. This will include marketing by a variety of methods at an appropriate level for the site concerned.  This should be summarised in a marketing report which will providing evidence of the marketing activities and any interest in the site. A valuation report will be required to demonstrate that the site has been marketed at a price appropriate to its use. 

The SPD was adopted by the Council on 31st March 2017.

The SPD and associated documents can be viewed below;