Proposed Changes Representations

Copies of all representations made to the Focused Consultation on Proposed Changes are shown on this page.

Table 1: Responses received to Proposed Changes and submitted with the Pre-Submission Plan

Rep NoContact IDContact NameRep NoContact IDContact Name
0016156Icon for pdf Lesley Hill [1.6MB]0026324Icon for pdf Lachlan Robertson [19.0MB]
0036408Icon for pdf K Russell [1.06MB]0041775Icon for pdf Mr and Mrs Drane [1.9MB]
0056445Icon for pdf Mr and Mrs Graham [424.31KB]0063012Icon for pdf Glastonbury Town Council [72.15KB]
007950Icon for pdf Edward James [159.45KB]0086528Icon for pdf Brimble Lea and Partners on behalf of Mr L Moore [175.02KB]
0094073Icon for pdf Cllr Bradshaw [91.99KB]0106555Icon for pdf Barry Foster [4.21MB]
0111128Icon for pdf Anthony Pang [87.95KB]0126333Icon for pdf Mr Kevin Davis [6.09MB]
0135073Icon for pdf Robin and Edith Finlay [39.89KB]0146101Icon for pdf Brian Allen and Judith Ellison [3.5MB]
0156130Icon for pdf Liz Buckler [440.97KB]0166605Icon for pdf Andrew Leafe [5.32MB]
0171592Icon for pdf Gladman Developments Limited [329.02KB]0186606Icon for pdf Clive Stephens Associates [113.09KB]
0196607Icon for pdf Mike Linham [415.14KB]0206608Icon for pdf Dave Ellender [33.94KB]
021555Icon for pdf Mark O'Callaghan [111.1KB]0221992Icon for pdf D2 Planning Ltd - Silverwood Partnership [2.56MB]
0236442Icon for pdf Friends of Little Keyford [465.82KB]024360Icon for pdf Duncan Skene and Pat Scott [82.85KB]
025893Icon for pdf Persimmon Homes Severn Valley [263.2KB]0266542Icon for pdf Rok Planning [119.7KB]
0276609Icon for pdf Lichfields-O'Brien [966.66KB]0286609Icon for pdf Lichfields [615.89KB]
0292010Icon for pdf Sylvie Barham [12.07MB]0301111Icon for pdf Joe Hannam-Maggs [19.27KB]
0316333Icon for pdf Kevin Davis [84.24KB]0326368Icon for pdf Rowan Stewart [9.5KB]
0333012Icon for pdf Gerrard Tucker, Glastonbury Town Clerk [15.41MB]0346576Icon for pdf Keith Heavyside [9.24KB]
0352097Icon for pdf Frome and District Civic Society [165.86KB]0366610Icon for pdf Brian Spencer [18.3MB]
0376483Icon for pdf Pegasus [8.76MB]   

Table 2: Representations made in Response to consultation (12th February - 24th April)

   0381869Icon for pdf Mrs P Long [19.98KB]
0391870Icon for pdf Martin Grass [65.51KB]0406225Icon for pdf Mr F Della Valle [5.11MB]
0416619Icon for pdf Mr F Della Valle [7.63MB]0422038Icon for pdf Donald Hudson [322.09KB]
0436086Icon for pdf Chapman Lily Planning Ltd [187.99KB]0446620

Icon for pdf Diocese of Bath and Wells [303.17KB]

0456621Icon for pdf Mrs Mary Constanza [6.59MB]0465003Icon for pdf Christopher Hare [333.76KB]
0476247Icon for pdf LPA on behalf of Flower and Hayes [355.71KB]0482004Icon for pdf Paul Goodwin [291.79KB]
0495002Icon for pdf Miriam Hare [6.25MB]0501916Icon for pdf CPRE Somerset [5.36MB]
05196Icon for pdf Cranborne Chase AONB [84.31KB]0526611Icon for pdf Wood on behalf of National Grid [82.76KB]
0536616Icon for pdf Tom Roberts Associates on behalf of Mrs Lewington_Redacted [328.16KB]0546048Icon for pdf Norton St Philip Parish Council [385.61KB]
0556340Icon for pdf Tom Roberts Associates on behalf of The Bryer Family [896.71KB]0561157Icon for pdf Mr and Mrs Reina [370.69KB]
0576622Icon for pdf Michael Love [2.47MB]0586623Icon for pdf Ronald Foster [7.16MB]
0596591Icon for pdf G Bannell [4.61MB]0606592Icon for pdf K Leigh [4.68MB]
061414Icon for pdf David Chesterfield on behalf of PROD [121.73KB]062103Icon for pdf Brimble Lea & Partners on behalf of David and Jonathan Nash [279.95KB]
0636307Icon for pdf PCL Planning on behalf of Elan Homes [1.34MB]0646445Icon for pdf Mr and Mrs Graham [293.23KB]
0656338Icon for pdf Mrs Dury [8.23MB]0664042Icon for pdf Gillian Crease [218.68KB]
0674039Icon for pdf Mrs Alway [10.09MB]0686331Icon for pdf Janet Trimmer [76.03KB]
0696479Icon for pdf Stuart Organ [73.64KB]070531Icon for pdf R H and S A Clarke [284.32KB]
0716523Icon for pdf Simon Hoyle [25.78KB]0726418Icon for pdf Philip O'Donoghue [378.37KB]
0736418Icon for pdf Sally O'Donoghue [378.65KB]0746299Icon for pdf Fiona Davis [296.84KB]
075550Icon for pdf Wessex Water [326.18KB]0764028Icon for pdf Mr and Mrs James [13.73MB]
0776593Icon for pdf Edward and Janet Jones [4.63MB]0786624Icon for pdf Andrew Cook [5.84MB]
0796419Icon for pdf Mrs Charlotte Moore [375.03KB]0806625Icon for pdf Pegasus Group on behalf on Wainhomes - Severn Valley Ltd [447.53KB]
0816089Icon for pdf N E Tinworth [3.52MB]082450Icon for pdf The Coal Authority [18.62KB]
0836626Icon for pdf Mrs Weatheral, Mr Sealey and Mrs and MRs Precey [1.42MB]0846581Icon for pdf Sarah Simpson [75.22KB]
0856317Icon for pdf Jill and Thomas Done [2.28MB]0866627Icon for pdf Vicki Woods [1.08MB]
0876628Icon for pdf Terry Wall [1.06MB]0886629Icon for pdf Simon Jackson [5.81MB]
0896630Icon for pdf Sara Ward [5.92MB]0906631Icon for pdf Roger Haskins [5.88MB]
0916632Icon for pdf Robert Malcolm [5.8MB]0926633Icon for pdf Peter Moore [5.91MB]
0936634Icon for pdf Paul White [1.08MB]0946635Icon for pdf Patrick Schroeder [1.11MB]
0956636Icon for pdf Patricia Schroeder [1.11MB]0966637Icon for pdf Michael Pearce [1.08MB]
0976638Icon for pdf Megan Moore [1.11MB]0986639Icon for pdf Martin Stephens [1.03MB]
0996640Icon for pdf Luke Schroeder [1.04MB]1006641Icon for pdf Mr Malcolm [1.02MB]
1016529Icon for pdf Leslie Moore [1.08MB]1026642Icon for pdf Katie Dimaline [1.01MB]
1036643Icon for pdf Katie Crocker [1.06MB]1046644Icon for pdf Karen Jackson [1.08MB]
1056645Icon for pdf Judith Trotman [1.08MB]1061154Icon for pdf Joseph Ready [1.05MB]
1076646Icon for pdf Jon Crocker [1.07MB]1086647Icon for pdf Joe Kerringan [1.01MB]
1096648Icon for pdf Jenny Moore [1.06MB]1106649Icon for pdf James Welch [1.06MB]
1116650Icon for pdf Jack Haskins [1.05MB]1126651Icon for pdf Imogen Moore [1.07MB]
1136652Icon for pdf Hannah Wall [1.11MB]1146653Icon for pdf George Woods [1.11MB]
1156654Icon for pdf Ellen Welch [1.11MB]1166655Icon for pdf David Ward [1.07MB]
1176656Icon for pdf Daryl Welch [1.1MB]1186657Icon for pdf Chris Malcolm [1007.96KB]
1196658Icon for pdf Catherine Stephens [1.03MB]1206659Icon for pdf Annette Welch [1.05MB]
1211949Icon for pdf Ditcheat Parish Council [182.29KB]1222098Icon for pdf Salmon Planning Company on behalf of Mrs Sheppard [265.82KB]
1236660Icon for pdf Mr and Mrs Harmes [454.12KB]124998Icon for pdf Salmon Planning Company on behalf of Mr Binning [79.27KB]
1251542Icon for pdf WYG on behalf of The Ninesquare Trust [155.92KB]1261723Icon for pdf Adrian I'Anson on behalf of Wells Civic Society [14.99KB]
1271876Icon for pdf Jill Jordan [13.99KB]1286480Icon for pdf Andrew Clarke [244.35KB]
1291716Icon for pdf Gladman Developments Ltd [267.64KB]1304013Icon for pdf P and J Laws [37.71KB]
1316661Icon for pdf Colston and Colston Chartered Surveyors on behalf of Robert and Michael Morgan and Susan Neale [3.78MB]1322085Icon for pdf Sarah Nicholls [1.12MB]
1332081Icon for pdf James Nicholls [1.18MB]1348032Icon for pdf R Binning [3.23MB]
1355073Icon for pdf Katherine Barnes [7.08MB]1366497Icon for pdf Barton Willmore on behalf of Taylor Wimpey UK Ltd [1.65MB]
1371774Icon for pdf Brimble Lea on behalf of Wookey Hole Limited [280.98KB]1386478Icon for pdf Highways England [582.51KB]

Icon for pdf Salmon Planning Company on behalf of Frome and District Agricultural Society [922.04KB]

1401518Icon for pdf Wright Consult LLP on behalf of Colin Keevil [5.89MB]
1411662Icon for pdf Jill Weston [5.91MB]1424009Icon for pdf John Oliver [1.25MB]
1432020Icon for pdf Cllr Linda Oliver [27.34MB]1446295Icon for pdf Planning Ventures Ltd on behalf of Urbina Ltd [245.22KB]
1453054Icon for pdf Nash Partnership on behalf of Acorn Property Group [1.05MB]1466432Icon for pdf Planning Ventures Ltd on behalf of Urbina Ltd [195.44KB]
1474003Icon for pdf Shepton Mallet Town Council [295.19KB]1486297Icon for pdf Sally Buxton [3.14MB]
1496506Icon for pdf Merrett and Co on behalf of Trustees of Wells Blue School [2.98MB]1506531Icon for pdf Boyer Planning on behalf of Persimmon Homes [296.57KB]
1511751Icon for pdf Boyer Planning on behalf of Johntstone Land Company (Bristol) Ltd [291.53KB]1526618Icon for pdf Somerset County Council [227.84KB]
1536492Icon for pdf Grass Roots Planning Ltd on behalf of Land Value Allicances LVA [292.23KB]1546525Icon for pdf Peter Brett Associates Stantec on behalf of David Wilson Homes [348.29KB]
1556662Icon for pdf Avison Young on behalf of Dobbies Garden Centre Ltd [86.88KB]1566504Icon for pdf Alder King on behalf of Strongvox Homes [432.54KB]
1572016Icon for pdf Buckland Dinham Parish Council [14.35KB]1586663Icon for pdf Karin Joubert [27.09KB]
1596574Icon for pdf Environment Agency [74.42KB]1603012Icon for pdf Glastonbury Town Council [8.92MB]
1616528Icon for pdf Brimble Lea on behalf of Mr L Moore [286.37KB]1626607Icon for pdf Mike Linham [1.98MB]
163555Icon for pdf Mark O'Callaghan [3.35MB]1641992Icon for pdf D2 Planning - Silverwood Parnership [3.47MB]
1652010Icon for pdf Sylvie Barham [2.29MB]1666333Icon for pdf Kevin Davis [229.88KB]
1676483Icon for pdf Pegasus Group - LVA [4.83MB]   

To view copies of all of the Pre Submission Responses received please click here.

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