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December 2019: Changes to how we check your driving licence 

Licensing use a company called Drivetech to carry out driving licence checks on our behalf with the DVLA.  

They have moved to an online system and no longer accept the paper mandate 'FP30' form, so all licensed drivers will be required to register on the new system.

Please complete your registration as soon as possible, as failure to register could result in a delay in your renewal meaning you may not be licenced. 

Drivers who do not have access to email do not need to register. A new mandate is required every 3 years. When yours is due we will arrange an appointment to assist you in completing a new one. 

A drivers guide has been created to assist you in registering: e-Check Driver Guide

Private Hire Vehicles and Roof Signs

We have been made aware of a number of operators having roof signs on their PHV (private hire vehicle), please see below an extract from our Taxi and Private Hire Policy 2018:

"3.23.3 Roof mounted signs will not be permitted on PHVs even if they indicate 'pre - booked only' as any roof mounted sign, may create confusion with a taxi."

Therefore, any PHV is required to have the roof sign removed.

Vaping and E-cigarettes Banned in Licensed Vehicles

At a Licensing Board meeting dated 14th August 2019, under urgent business the Chair of the Licensing Board agreed that Officers should be tasked with revising the Taxi policy to include vaping.

Some research was conducted by Officers which was reported back to the following Licensing Board meeting 9th October 2019, whereby the Senior Licensing and Business Support Officer gave a verbal report.  The Officer wanted to gauge the views of the Board in relation to vaping in licensed vehicles and whether a change to the Taxi licensing Policy is required.

The Board was unanimous that regulations about vaping should be included in the Taxi and Private Hire Policy and that a short consultation be undertaken with the trade. The results of the consultation are as follows:

Should vaping/use of E-cigarettes be banned at all times in licensed vehicles?

Yes (50)                     = 85%

No (8)                         = 14%

Undecided (1)            = 2%

The Licensing Board considered the above when they met on Wednesday 12th February 2020 and voted unanimously to prohibit vaping in licensed vehicles with immediate effect.