Mendip Car Parks During Adverse Weather

The Council will take reasonable action to ensure Council owned car parks are safe to use, dependent upon resources available.

Priority will be given to car park entrances and access routes used by a high number of pedestrians. Depending on the scale and severity of the weather event, some low priority areas may not be cleared for several days. Clearance of any car park will not start until the highway is clear to allow vehicular access.

Drivers are responsible for the safe movement of their vehicles and should drive with care when using the car parks during icy or snowy conditions.

The Council does not carry out precautionary salting of car parks.

As with minor roads and pavements, pedestrians and drivers need to make their own assessment as to whether a car park is safe to use during snowy or icy weather. In the event of any gritting being undertaken priority will initially be given to the following car parks:

  • Cattle Market Car Park, Frome
  • St Johns Car Park, Glastonbury
  • Commercial Road Car Park, Shepton Mallet
  • Northside Car park, Street
  • Union Street Car Park, Wells