Prize Gaming Permit

Prize gaming is gaming where the nature and size of the prize available is not determined by either the number of people playing, the amount paid for, or raised by the gaming.

One of the many functions of the Licensing Authority is to:

  •  Licence premises for gambling activities
  •  Grant permits for gaming and gaming machines in clubs
  •  Regulate gaming and gaming machines in alcohol licensed premises

Prize gaming permits can be issued by licensing authorities, to those who would like to run prize gaming from a premises they occupy, or plan to occupy, if the premises does not already have an existing premises licence or a club gaming permit. The licensing authority can grant or refuse an application for a permit, but cannot add conditions. The licensing authority may grant a permit only if they have consulted the chief officer of police about the application.

The licensing authority may not refuse an application unless they have notified the applicant of the intention to refuse and the reasons for it, and given them an opportunity to make representations orally or in writing or both.

If a permit is granted, we will issue it as soon as is reasonably practicable. The permit must be kept on the premises and produced when requested by a constable or local authority officer.

Gambling and Lotteries Licensing Fees

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Gambling and Lotteries Licensing Fees and Charges