Street Care & Cleaning

Information on street care services for the residents of Mendip and visitors to the district.

In September 2019, the council took the decision to stop using glyphosate - a weed killer linked to cancer in humans and harmful to birds and insects.
The dumping of waste (fly tipping) and dropping of litter is illegal and both are punishable by a fine. We are responsible for sweeping the streets and removing litter. The Council does not clear dumped rubbish or litter from private land, this is the responsibility of the landowner/tenant.
Abandoned vehicles can be reported to Mendip District Council, or to the DVLA.
We provide litter and dog bins throughout the District to allow you to dispose of your litter/dog waste. Litter bins in busy areas may be emptied twice daily and dog waste bins are normally emptied once a week.
We actively encourage communities to arrange voluntary litter picks.
Mendip District Council only maintain trees that are on Mendip District Council owned land.
We are responsible for a few lights that exist on our parks or footpaths, however,Somerset County Council is responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of street lighting on adopted roads and footpaths. If you need to report a problem with street lights on the adopted roads and footpaths please call SSE contracting 0845 6010939.
We are responsible for ensuring that street nameplates are provided and fitted in suitable positions. However, in the case of a new development it is the developer that is responsible for the erection of nameplates. We also maintain street furniture that is on our land.
We cut the grass on all land owned or managed by Mendip District Council (between March and October) and it will be cut approximately every three weeks. Council field and meadow areas are generally cut twice a year. For health and safety reasons grass cutting is not carried out when we experience extreme weather conditions. We may undertake an additional cut in the winter if weather permits.
Fly-grazing is when a horse is left on someone's land without the permission of the landowner.
We will do all that we can to remove graffiti from our own property within seven days and we can advise private owners to try and achieve the same; however, the responsibility for removal from other properties lies with the respective owner. Graffiti is in some circumstances considered criminal damage by the police and therefore if your property is affected this should be reported to them.
Mendip have delegated powers from the Highway Authority to remove fly-posting from their land especially near roundabouts and junctions (Highways Act).
A free service is provided for the removal of dead animals from all public accessible areas. You can report dead animals on the road using our online form.
Our current policy does not include the provision of new bus shelters. However, we do want to ensure that the shelters we have remain clean, tidy and in good condition.
We maintain and repair all fences, walls, roads and footpaths under our ownership.
We provide public toilets in all major towns in the district. They include accessible toilets for the disabled and baby change facilities.