Public Health Funerals

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Public Health Funerals

Mendip District Council has the responsibility to arrange Public health funerals for those people who have died within the Mendip area where no suitable arrangements have been made, or are being made (Section 46 of the 1984 Public Health Act).

If the deceased has died outside of the Mendip District Council area, then it will need to be referred to the Local Authority in that area to make arrangements for the funeral.

If the person dies in hospital, the NHS Trust may make the funeral arrangements, in accordance with their polices.

What funeral arrangements are made?

The majority of Mendip funerals will be cremations unless the deceased's wishes to be buried had been expressed in a signed, written statement.

Mendip will choose the funeral director, who will provide a coffin and bear them to the crematorium or cemetery with dignity. Mendip will choose the date of the funeral and will endeavour to communicate with family and friends; the time of the funeral will be 9am.

The use of a minister, flowers, obituaries or transport for any friends or family are not included in the arrangements made for a public funded burial.

Public health burials may take place in an unmarked grave unless the full costs of the funeral have been met and the deed is then purchased from Mendip District Council.

How does Mendip District Council recover the cost of the funeral?

Where possible we will try to recover part or full costs of the funeral from the deceased's assets by searching their property e.g. money found at the property of the deceased, money in the deceased's bank account(s) or building society(s), post office account(s) and funeral plans etc.

Other Options

Prices between various funeral directors can vary tremendously, it is therefore recommended that you obtain more than one quote. A good source of information online can be found at

Some funeral directors provide a direct cremation service such as

Your local crematorium will able to assist you, should you decide to forgo the use of a funeral director and make the arrangements yourself.

If you wish to discuss your options further, please contact us using the online contact form or via telephone.