Heritage at Risk

The council maintains a Heritage at Risk Database as a working tool, helping to illustrate the number of assets at risk within the district and to keep attention focused upon them. It covers all manner of designated assets from churchyard monuments to conservation areas.

Whilst the majority of heritage assets are well maintained, there are some that are considered to be 'at risk' through neglect, redundancy or decay, or vulnerable to becoming so.

The Database is continuously kept up-to-date to ensure that the information held is as accurate as possible. In addition to the Heritage at Risk Database is a refined Icon for pdf Heritage at Risk Register [1.53MB] which is limited to those buildings capable of beneficial use. A Success Stories document is available which highlights all of the buildings recently removed from the Heritage at Risk Register.

Many of the owners of heritage assets on the Register are actively seeking ways to secure the future of their buildings; therefore a building's inclusion in the Register implies no criticism of its owner.