Hinkley Point C

Why not take advantage of this huge construction project to grow your business or find employment?

Hinkley Point C

The Hinkley Point C Project

Over the next 20 years, about £40 billion will be invested in the UK to increase our new nuclear energy capacity.  Of this, £10 billion will be building Hinkley Point C in Somerset.  The lead is EDF who aspire to Hinkley being a showcase for nuclear power in this fast growing international market.

Opportunities for Businesses

So far, over 800 Somerset businesses have registered their interest on the Supply Chain Portal.  Opportunities range from bed & breakfast, window cleaning and taxi services as well as construction-related services including specialist steel fabrication, civil engineering, construction and specialist environmental and professional service teams.

The Hinkley Point C supply chain database is used to match the requirements of contractors involved in the construction of Hinkley point C with Somerset companies. If a Somerset company is not registered on the database their details will not be made available to main contractors.

It's not too late to register your business!  If you are a Somerset-based business, you need to register on the Hinkley Point C Supply Chain website.  If your business is outside the local area, then there is a separate registration process through the EDF Energy website.

Job Vacancies

Thousands of job opportunities are being created in the region and at least 5,000 Somerset people are expected to be employed during the 10-year construction period.  Once built, it is estimated 900 people will work at the site during its 60 years of operation.

EDF Energy and Jobcentre Plus are working to ensure Somerset people find out about and apply for vacancies.  To find out about current employment opportunities in nuclear new build, visit EDF Energy Careers.