Service User Data

When customers of the Council come into contact with our services, data is collected both to allow us directly to deliver the service but also to enable us to monitor how we are performing and to evaluate how that service may be impacting upon certain groups of people.

Service user data plays an important role in carrying out Equality Impact Assessments (EIA's), particularly with respect to enabling us to analyse specifically which groups of people are accessing our services.

An audit of service user data  was carried out during 2011 to help us to understand the types of customer information we hold, including which of the protected characteristics covered by the Equality Duty we collect data on.

Service User Data

Please find below a document containing information about the types of equality data we collect about our clients, broken down by protected characteristic and council function.

Icon for pdf Customer Data - Protected Characteristics [37.6KB]

Icon for pdf Equality Act Protected Characteristics - Mendip 2014 [77.33KB]

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