Equality Objectives

The Public Sector Equality Duty is made up of a general equality duty which is supported by specific duties.

Under the terms of the specific duty, the Council must:

  • Prepare and publish one or more objectives that will support the council in meeting the requirements of the general Equality Duty
  • Ensure that those objectives are specific and measurable
  • Publish those objectives in such a manner that they are accessible to the public

Development of Mendip's Equality Objectives

As part of the Equality Duty, Mendip compiled and published a wide variety of equality related data on the 31st January 2012 and refresh this data on an annual basis.

The Equality Objectives for Mendip District Council were updated, agreed and adopted by the Member Equality Steering Group, Scrutiny and Cabinet in February 2014.

The Equality Objectives 2019 - 2023

Please click the icon below to view the equality objectives for Mendip for 2019 - 2023. These objectives were jointly created with the other public authorities in Somerset. Where appropriate joint actions were created but in a number of cases these Objectives have individual actions for Mendip to complete. The Objectives will be reviewed annual and information on progress shared with the Community and Cabinet.

Icon for pdf Equality Objectives 2019 - 2023 (October 2019 update) [928.03KB]

Monitoring of progress

When monitoring these objectives and associated actions, the council will:

  • Report on the progress against the objectives and associated actions on a quarterly basis to the Member Equality Steering Group
  • Report  against the objectives and associated actions on an annual basis to Cabinet
  • Publish these monitoring reports within the relevant area of our website
  • Review these Equality Objectives on an annual basis

Working in Partnership

As part of Mendip District Councils commitment to working together with partners to improve outcomes for its customers and wider community they are part of two partnership. The Somerset Equality Officers Group aims to work together to improve the lives of people within Somerset. Information on the groups can be found here:

Mendip District Council is also part of the Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group's Engagement and Advisory Group. Agendas and minutes can be found here: