A Customer-Focused Planning Service

We are committed to delivering a planning service that that meets the needs of our customers and therefore welcome feedback about the service provided.

What you can expect

The team has developed a service charter which sets out what applicants and agents can expect through our pre-application service, during the application process and after the decision has been made.

Icon for pdf Planning Service Charter [221.05KB]

Complaints Procedure

If you wish to make a specific complaint about the service provided, please refer to our complaints procedure available from our complaints page.. You should, however, be aware that complaints about a decision made by the council in its role as local planning authority cannot be addressed through this procedure because planning legislation provides recourse available to challenge decisions.  Furthermore, decisions cannot be altered or withdrawn by the council once they have been issued.

Challenging an Approval

If you wish to challenge a decision by the council to grant permission or approval, the only option available is to seek a judicial review and independent legal advice should therefore be sought.  Please note that for a challenge to succeed, it will need to be demonstrated the council's decision has failed on a point of law such as the decision being illegal, procedurally incorrect or irrational, and not simply because you disagree with it.   There are also strict time limits in order to make an application to the courts (currently six weeks from the decision date).

Challenging a Refusal

If you wish to challenge a decision by the council to refuse permission, or any conditions attached to a permission, there is a right of appeal to the Secretary of State.  Alternatively, you could utilise the council's pre-application advice service to explore with officers whether the reasons for refusal could be addressed through a re-submitted application.  Details of the planning appeal process and our pre-application advice service are available on our website at Planning.