Pre Application Advice

The council's pre-application service provides advice to customers who are thinking about making an application.

COVID-19: Guidance relating to the Planning Process in the current situation

Due to the current situation with Covid-19 the Planning Service, with respect to Development Management, has adopted new procedures as from 8 April 2020.

Full details can be found here

The Council is committed to working with prospective applicants before planning applications are submitted because early discussions can lead to high quality and appropriate development schemes being granted planning permission in a timely manner.  Importantly, these discussions can avoid wasted effort, time and cost during the planning application process.

This service offers informal written advice (or a meeting with summary notes) on the likelihood of being granted permission.  (We also provide a service advising whether planning permission is needed - see below).  Please note officers will not usually visit your site other than for works to trees or listed buildings. 

Pre-Application Charges

 In some cases charges may be reduced.  These are as follows:

  • For commercial changes of use, The fee is consistent across all sizes.
  • For  Parish Councils and Registered Charities we've decided to charge only half the normal fee, where the proposal is for community benefit
  • We've clarified that no fee will be charged for proposals for the benefit of a registered disabled person
  • We've also clarified that where both planning and listed building advice is sought simultaneously, only the higher of the two fees is charged (and not both)

Where can I find details of Charges?

Details of the charging arrangements can be viewed here:    Icon for pdf Pre-application charging Schedule from 03.07.2017 [138.94KB]

Application Form

If you would like advice before submitting an application, the relevant form below must be completed and sent to us together with the relevant fee and a plan identifying the location and extent of the site. 

If you wish to use the word version of this form to complete  electronically please be aware that it is 'read only' You will need to view it in edit mode before filling in your details and printing.  However if you wish to print a copy of the form to be completed manually please use the pdf version.

Icon for word Form to request Pre-Application Advice [65.12KB]                                    Icon for pdf Form to request Pre- Application Advice [233.77KB]

Have you remembered to include a plan identifying the location and paid the relevant fee?

The Service Provided

Upon receipt of the completed form, we will provide you with:

  • An acknowledgement of the request with the assigned case officer's details within seven days
  • A written response or meeting scheduled (depending on your choice) within 28 days

The following advice is part of the service:

  • Relevant issues based on national and local planning policy and guidance.
  • Interested parties who will be involved in the application process
  • Information required with a planning application.
  • Any planning obligations required.
  • Likely determination periods
  • The possibility of permission being granted or refused

Status of pre-application advice

Please bear in mind that any pre-application advice is informal and at officer level only. There is no site visit or consultation process carried out. The advice given is not binding on any future decision that the council may wish to make.   This is because formal applications are subject to a site visit and consultation process, the outcome of which may affect the final decision.