Council plans to regenerate 'derelict' Frome Town Centre site.

Mendip District Council are determined to invest in Frome's future and have taken a bold and unusual move in buying the long-time derelict site in Frome Town Centre locally known as Saxonvale for regeneration.

Frustrated with the site which has lain empty for over a decade, the Council has worked with a number of commercial applicants over that time.

Cllr Harvey Siggs, Leader of Mendip District Council, said: "We hope that this is seen as a brave move by us as a council, for too long the Saxonvale site has remained untouched.  We are aware that it is a complex site, but as well as the challenges there are great opportunities offered recognising the river and the sloping nature of the site.

"Historically there have been a number of failed attempts at redevelopment with no plans ever coming to fruition, but we believe that we are now in a good position to deliver redevelopment of this key site in Mendip."

Working with Cushman & Wakefield, as consultants, the council prepared a bid for the two adjacent plots currently owned by Notts Industries and Terramond, which combined amount to around 9.2 acres of land. The inclusion of the council's adjacent land, Merchants Barton Car Park, will increase the development opportunity on the site. Be assured that any car parking lost will be replaced.

As the successful bidders for the land the council plan to help facilitate the development of the site in the district and deliver new homes and regeneration but it also has to generate capital and commercial returns for the local authority. We anticipate that contractors will be on site from next week to secure the site.

Cllr Siggs, continued: "We will invite other interested parties including Frome Town Council to work with us on this exciting new beginning on this site in the heart of Frome Town centre."

For more information you can visit Future of Saxonvale