The Council welcome petitions from anyone who lives, works or studies in the area, including under 18s. Your petition should contain 50 signatures or more.

Completed petitions need to be given to the Council for the attention of the Monitoring Officer

Mendip District Council
Cannards Grave Road
Shepton Mallet 
Somerset BA4 5BT

Email: Monitoring Officer

Tel: 0300 3038588

All petitions sent or presented to the Council will receive an acknowledgement within 10 working days of receipt.

This acknowledgement will set out what we plan to do with the petition.

The Council's Petition Scheme can be found in Icon for pdf Appendix P - Petitions Scheme [113.48KB]

Recent Petitions

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Icon for pdf 01 - New Homes Bonus Petition submitted to Cabinet 14.01.13 - redacted for the web [607.7KB]


What do I need to include in my petition?

Petitions submitted to the Council must relate to a function of the Council and include:

  • A clear statement covering the subject of the petition. It should be clear what action you wish the Council to take.
  • The name, address and signature of any person supporting the petition.
  • Petitions should also give the contact details, including an address, for the petition organiser. (This is the person we will contact to explain how we will respond to the petition.)

Petitions considered to be vexatious, abusive or otherwise inappropriate will be rejected. If a petition does not follow the guidelines set out above, the Council may decide not to do anything further with it. If that is the case, we will write to you to explain the reasons.

How will the council respond to my petition?

The Council's response to a petition will depend on what the petition asks for and how many people have signed it, but may include one or more of the following:

  • Taking the action requested in the petition
  • Considering the petition at a Council meeting
  • Holding an inquiry into the matter
  • Undertaking research into the matter
  • Holding a public meeting
  • Holding a consultation
  • Holding a meeting with petitioners
  • Referring the petition for consideration by the Council's Scrutiny Board
  • Calling a referendum
  • Writing to the petition organiser setting out our views about the request in the petition.

How many signatures does my petition need?

  • Petitions containing over 1,500 signatures will be debated at a meeting of the full council.
  • Petitions containing between 750 and 1,500 signatures will require a senior officer giving evidence at the Scrutiny Board.
  • Petitions containing between 50 and 750 signatures will be considered by the Monitoring Officer and relevant Portfolio Holders.

What can I do if I feel my petition has not been dealt with properly?

The petition organiser has the right to request that the Council's Scrutiny Board reviews the steps that the Council has taken in response to your petition. You should give a short explanation of the reasons why the Council's response is not considered to be adequate. The Scrutiny Board will endeavour to consider your request at its next meeting. Should they agree that we have not dealt with your petition adequately, it may use any of its powers to deal with the matter. These powers include instigating an investigation, making recommendations to the Council's Cabinet and arranging for the matter to be considered at a meeting of the full Council. Once such a review has been considered the petition organiser will be informed of the results within 5 working days. The results of the review will also be published on our website.