Political Structure and Portfolio Holders

Political Structure and Portfolio Holders for Mendip District Council.

Political Structure

Position at the Council

Held by:

Chair of the Council

Councillor Helen Sprawson-White

Deputy Chair of the Council

Councillor Bente Height

Leader of the Council

Councillor Ros Wyke

Deputy Leader of the Council

Councillor Janine Nash

Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group

Councillor Ros Wyke

Leader of the Green Party Group

Councillor Shane Collins

Leader of the Conservative Party Group

Councillor Tom Killen


Who's Who: Mendip District Councillors

Portfolio Holders

Each member of the Cabinet takes responsibility for a Portfolio.

PortfolioPortfolio HoldersAssistant Portfolio HolderConservative ShadowGreen Shadow


Councillor Ros Wyke Councillor Tom KillenCouncillor Shane Collins

Deputy Leader

Councillor Janine Nash   

Strategic Policy and Climate Change

Councillor Tom Ronan


Councillor Shannon BrookeCouncillor Shane Collins
Enterprise and Finance

Councillor Barry O'Leary

Councillor Liz Leyshon

Councillor Nigel Woollcombe-AdamsCouncillor Michael Gay
Economic Development

Councillor Peter Goater


Councillor Philip HamCouncillor Jon Cousins

Corporate Services and Performance Management

Councillor Simon Carswell

Councillor Matt Martin

Councillor John GreenhalghCouncillor Barbi Lund

Development Management and Enforcement

Councillor Damon HootonCouncillor Caroline McKinnellCouncillor Nigel Hewitt-CooperCouncillor John Clarke

Planning Policy and Local Plan

Councillor Janine Nash Councillor Mike PullinCouncillor Helen Kay

Housing Services

Councillor Richard Pinnock Councillor Terry NapperCouncillor Francis Hayden

Community Health Services

Councillor Heather ShearerCouncillor Lucie Taylor-HoodCouncillor Eve BerryCouncillor Alison Barkshire

Neighbourhood Services

Councillor Nick CottleCouncillor Edric HobbsCouncillor Alan TownsendCouncillor Lindsay MacDougall