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£150 Energy Rebate

As part of the government's initiative to help households with rising energy costs, a £150 Utility Energy Rebate has been announced for certain households.

Payment latest

Mendip District council have paid 27,393 residents their £150.  Another 6,538 have submitted an online form and will be paid at the end of June / early July. Due to scale of this initiative, the Government have insisted that Councils make bank checks first, to ensure the rebate only goes to the correct person which we know residents will understand.

The Council has worked tirelessly to get as many payments out as safely and as quickly as possible.  This was a brand new, but massive in scale, piece of work. We completely understand that people want and need this money as soon as possible and we are endeavouring to do this, in line with Government guidelines around checks.

Where an application for payment to a bank account has been made on-line, if we are unable to verify details, a rebate will be paid to the council tax account and a new bill issued.  Similarly, for council tax payers that have not requested a payment to their bank account, £150 will be paid to their council tax account.  This should be in July and the £150 will reduce future payment(s) otherwise due.  If this results an account being in credit a refund can be requested; details will be sent with the revised council tax bill.

There is a dedicated phone line available now if people want to know more or have a query.  Just phone the number on your council tax bill. Mendip's Customer Services staff at our Council Access Points will also help where they can. 

Who can get this £150 rebate?

  • Most householders in Council Tax band A to D properties will qualify for this rebate. 
  • The Government has produced a factsheet on these measures.
  • If you don't know which band your property is in, you can find it on your latest Council Tax bill or visit Valuation Office website to check.
  • Please be aware second homes and empty properties will not be eligible for the payment.
  • There will only be one payment per household.

Does this mean I don't have to pay my Council Tax bill?

  • No - you must continue to pay your Council Tax bill as per the amounts and dates shown on your bill. If you are struggling to pay, you must contact us.

I'm not in a band A to D, but I still need help

  • There will be some further funding available to help households who do not qualify under the main scheme. 

  • A Discretionary Scheme has recently been approved by Mendip. More details soon as soon as possible. 

  • The main criteria will be: 

  • £150 rebate for eligible households in Bands E-H where that household also receives council tax support. 

  • £25 "top up" on the £150 for all eligible households in all bands who also receive council tax support 

  • All the remaining fund to be set aside for any individual application for an energy rebate of £150 based on that household demonstrating "exceptional circumstances" in meeting energy bills. 

Full Policy here: Icon for pdf Mendip Discretionary Council Tax Energy Rebate Scheme April 2022 [191.37KB]
                            Icon for pdf The Council Tax Rebate Scheme 2022-23 [191.37KB]

What else is on offer to support households with their energy bills?

  • The Government is helping to spread the cost of the recent jump in energy prices over several years. £200 of this year's energy bill will be taken off from October and spread equally over the next five years instead. However, for details on that scheme, please contact your energy provider.

In addition, the Council may be able to help through:

• Our financial assistance pages: Financial Assistance
• Our Energy Efficiency at Home page: Energy Efficiency at Home
• The Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) for energy advice and help with energy debt: /   / 0800 082 2234
• Housing Options if their arrears are putting their home potentially at risk, or their home is becoming financially unviable. The team like to intervene as early as possible when there is any sniff of a possible eviction and homelessness case so they can proactively work with the client to help them stay in their home:  Staying in Your Home /  0300 303 8588.

The latest guidance from the Government on this scheme is available at: 

GOV.UK: Support for Energy Bills.

 Icon for pdf Council Tax Rebate FAQs [305.77KB]