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Recycle More's one year Mendip milestone

Recycle More has celebrated its first anniversary in Mendip this week, with the district's trail-blazing residents using it to recycle thousands of tonnes of extra material.

Press Release issued by Somerset Waste Partnership:

At the end of October 2020, Mendip became the first part of the county to get the expanded Somerset Waste Partnership collections.

The impact of Covid on home-working and domestic waste has made it difficult to precisely isolate the impact of the new service. But it is estimated that in its first 44 weeks - ten calendar months - Recycle More saw around 4,600 extra tonnes of recycling collected in Mendip.

That equates to more than 100 extra tonnes per week as the extra materials and three-weekly rubbish collections quickly became part of the Mendip recycling routine. SWP What Goes Where Recycling image

Anyone needing help remembering this collection day can check online using the "My Collection Day" feature on the website.

Use the same feature to download your calendar for printing or, better still, download it directly into your laptop or mobile device's calendar and get automatic reminders.

After Mendip, Recycle More was introduced in South Somerset at the end of June this year and the service launches across Taunton Deane this week.

Councillor Sarah Dyke, Chair of the Somerset Waste Board, said: "Mendip has clearly taken the new service to its heart and residents can be really proud of the results.

"People are recycling more, protecting the environment and helping tackle climate change. The Waste Board looks forward to seeing SWP bring the new service to the rest of the county."

With Recycle More, SWP is collecting plastic bottles, pots tubs and trays.

  • Plastics bottles - such as those for milk, drinks, bleach, shampoo, laundry liquid and detergents.
  • Plastic pots - such as those for yoghurt, soup, face cream, hair gel and toiletries.
  • Plastic tubs - such as those for margarine, ice cream, laundry tablets.
  • Plastic trays (including black plastic) - for meat, ready meals, plastic punnets for fruit, veg and plastic egg boxes.

It is NOT collecting other plastics because at the moment it is difficult to get them reprocessed in the UK. These include the following:

  • Thin stretchy and crinkly plastics - such as carrier bags, food wrappings or the film from food trays and punnets.
  • Mixed materials - such as pet food pouches and crisp packets.
  • Other plastics - such as plastic toys, CD cases, car parts, coat hangers, plastic paint pots, toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, blister packs, pens, expanded polystyrene.

Some supermarkets are now collecting some of these materials so check where you shop. You can also try to search for any local volunteer collections.

For information about all the materials collected at the kerbside visit