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Town Investment Plan Projects

The Glastonbury Town Deal is set to bring £23.6m investment into the town, delivering 12 projects outlined in the Town Investment Plan (TIP). The TIP was developed by the Town Deal Board through engagement with key partners, businesses, community groups and Mendip District Council as the lead authority.

Its aim is to deliver a necessary 'levelling up' opportunity for the town, bringing existing assets back into community use and working with local communities to deliver the spaces and resources that they want and need.

The overall aim is for Glastonbury to be a sustainable, prosperous, modern town and global tourist centre, drawing on its rural landscape, history and unique legacy.

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The Baily's Buildings

Re-developing these historic buildings into a sustainable hub for local start-up, small and growing businesses, educational groups and the community. The complex will also house a small, dedicated museum celebrating the industrial past and future.

Glastonbury Enterprise and Innovation Hub

Re-developing Beckery House into a dedicated centre for the town's vibrant business community. This will help address the need for space and managed work and grown-on business, including food and manufacturing.

The Life Factory - the regeneration of Building C

Developing an iconic building for businesses, learning, young people and community uses.

Glastonbury Clean Energy

Investing in renewable energy generation and EV charging. This project will be delivered in collaboration with Beckery Village businesses, community organisations and landowners.

The Robert Richards Initiative

The aim is to establish a lively approach across Glastonbury to dealing with environmental issues and green opportunities, including those relating to the economy.

St Brigid's Chapel and Field

Creation of new, year-round visitor centre that will protect, interpret and make accessible the heritage and natural environment of some 33 acres.

Glastonbury Food and Regenerative Farming Centre

Establishing a community-led agroecological facility which will enable people to find a place of learning and development and gain knowledge and experience in producing local food.

Transport and Travel

Introducing a Park & Ride facility with an Electric Bus service and EV charging, as well as mitigating issues relating to car parking. This will make the town more accessible in a climate friendly way.

Enabling Project - Mendip District Council

In order to renovate the buildings with the Beckery Village, there are two strands of enabling works that are crucial for the whole regeneration. The two elements relate to provision for the non-bricks and mortar communities in Glastonbury and Phosphate mitigation works.

St Dunstan's House Community and Wellbeing Centre

The development within existing buildings to provide gathering spaces for community groups and a place for business and employment support.

Glastonbury Abbey Piazza

Enhancing the entrance and main visitor experience. This will improve indoor and outdoor facilities for visitors and open up the connection with the town centre, benefiting the local economy.

Glastonbury Community Sports and Leisure Hub

Re-generating the existing facilities in the centre of the town. To provide a hub of excellence for local people and sports clubs, to include sports and leisure training and local employment.