Air Quality and Pollution information for Businesses

This page gives advice to businesses on their duties with regards to air quality.


Businesses must comply with the law on waste management in deciding how to dispose of their waste. It is generally unlawful to burn waste arising from a business, but there are some exemptions. Further advice should be sort from the Environment Agency.

It is an offence to emit dark smoke from industrial or trade premises, or any site being used by business. The Council will investigate incidences of dark smoke with a view to formal proceedings against offenders.

Chimneys and Stacks

Some new chimneys for large combustion appliances require approval of their height to prevent high levels of pollution at ground level. Please contact the council for further details.

Environmental Permits

Certain industrial processes require environmental permits. These are regulated by either the Environment Agencyor Mendip District Council, usually depending on the size of the site and the pollutants produced. If you are operating any of the processes in the table below you may need to apply for an environmental permit. Application forms are available through the documents section of this page. Please note that there are separate application forms for dry cleaners, petrol stations,vehicle refinishers and small waste oil burners. Information regarding Environmental Permits is available on request by contacting 0300 303 8588 or emailing A list of Environment Agency permits can be found by following this link.

Icon for pdf LAPPC and LA IPPC fees and charges 2017/18 [86.35KB]

Animal and Vegetable ProcessingCombustion and IncinerationMinerals & TimberMetalsOrganic ChemicalsPetroleum and Powder CoatingSolvents
Animal feed compoundAnimal carcass incinerationAsbestos processesCopper and copper alloy processesFibre reinforced plasticsBitumen and tar processes

Adhesive coating including footwear manufacturing

Drying of vegetable matterBoilers and furnaces 20-50 MWCement processesElectrical, crucible and reverberatory furnaces Coating powder manufacture

Coating and recoating of aircraft and aircraft components

Fish meal processingCombustion of waste derived fuelChina and ball clay processesFurnaces for the extraction of non-ferrous metal from scrap Powder coating including sherardizing and vitreous enamelling dry

Coating and recoating of rail vehicles

Hide and skin processingCompression ignition engines 20-50 MWHeavy clay good s and refractory processesHot and cold blast cupolas, and rotary furnaces Storage, unloading and loading petrol at terminals

Coating and respraying of road vehicles and trailers

Maggot breedingCrematoriaCoal, coke, coal products and petroleum cokeHot dip galvanizing processes Unloading of petrol into storage at petrol stations

Coating in drum manufacturing and reconditioning

Mushroom substrateGas turbines 20-50 MWDi-isocyanate processesIron, steel and non-ferrous metal foundry processes  

Coating of metal and plastic

Pet food processing (wet or dry)Waste oil burners <0.4 MW or 0.4 to 3 MWExfoliation of vermiculite and expansion of perliteMelting magnesium and its alloys  

Coating materials manufacture

Sausage casings Lead glass, glass frit and enamel frit manufacturingMelting and producing aluminium and its alloys  

Coil coating

Tobacco processes Lime processesMetal decontamination processes  

Dry cleaning

  Mineral drying and coolingMetal and other thermal spraying processes  Film coating
  Mobile crushing and screeningSurface treatment of metal processes  

Formulation and finishing of pharmaceutical products

  Plaster processesZinc and zinc alloy processes  Leather finishing
  Polishing or etching glass or glass products using hydrofluoric acid   

Paint application in vehicle manufacturing

  Quarry processes   

Paper coating

  Roadstone coating processes   Printing
  Timber and wood based products manufacture   Rubber

Surface cleaning


Textile and fabric coating and finishing


Timber and wood-based product chemical treatment


Vegetable oil extraction and fat and oil refining


Wood coating