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Temporary Event Notice (TEN)

If you want to hold a public event that involves the retail sale of alcohol, the provision of regulated entertainment or the provision of hot food or hot drink served between 23.00 and 05.00, you can do so using a Temporary Event Notice (TEN).

A TEN is a form that you provide to us, the Police and our Environmental Health department to let us know about the planned event.

There are two types of TENs:

  • A standard TEN, which is given no later than 10 clear working days before the event* (excluding weekends, bank holidays, date of event and date of receipt of application);
  • A late TEN, which is given between 9 and 5 clear working days before the event* (exclusions as above) (see 'section 3. the licensable activities' on the application form).

*Please be advised that the above notice periods must be complied with in order for your TEN to be processed. Unfortunately the online application facility will still allow a TEN to be submitted even if the correct notice period has not been complied with. However, the TEN or late TEN will not be accepted and processed by us where the proper notice periods were not given.

Please also ensure the location of the event falls within the Mendip area before applying. You can find out which council covers the location of the event at: Find your local council

Before you apply online for a temporary event notice we strongly recommend that you read the pdf icon guidance notes [220kb]  and pdf icon Guidance on Public Nuisance and Fire Safety [128kb] documents.

There is also further information on the pdf icon TENs Fact Sheet [205kb] provided by the Home Office. Please also read their flyers regarding pdf icon Tackling alcohol fraud through the Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme (AWRS) [38kb] and pdf icon Buying alcohol for onward sale or supply from a UK wholesaler [36kb].  

Apply online now for a temporary event notice

Please ensure you complete the application correctly as no amendments can be made once it has been submitted. Any changes, such as change of date, times, or address will require a new application and fee.

Last modified: 18 April 2018