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Latest News

This article will be regularly updated with information that we want to pass on to the taxi and private hire trade in Mendip. Please let us know of any news or events that you believe should be highlighted on this page by emailing us at

New 2018 Taxi Policy Published

The Council's new Taxi Policy is published today pdf icon Taxi Policy 2018 - [1Mb].

All drivers, vehicle proprietors and Private Hire Operators should be familiar with the contents.

The Council was approved by Full Council on 24th September 2018.

New Hackney Fares Card Published

From 00:01 hours on 7th January 2019 the new pdf icon Hackney Carriage Fares Card [129kb] is in force. All taximeters should be calibrated to the new rate. When you are working please ensure that you keep your completed pdf icon Taximeter Calibration Certificate [151kb] in the vehicle.

Improved Vehicle Standards

We require the vehicle to be inspected on most applications that we process to demonstrate that it is mechanically sound and safe to carry the public and that it meets our minimum standards. With effect from 1st March 2019 the Council will require all hackney carriages and private hire vehicles to be tested to the new standard as detailed in  pdf icon Best Practice Guide for the Inspection of Hackney Carriages and Private Hire Vehicles [330kb], as this will replace the existing test.

This means that all vehicles tested after 1st March 2019 must satisfactorily meet the new test standard before a licence will be issued. In addition, where a licensed vehicle is subject to the regular 6 monthly inspection, this must also be carried out to the new standard from that date.

We are liaising with the garages that carry out the existing test to ensure a smooth transition to the new test standard and we will update you in the coming weeks.

Taxi Newsletter - No. 3 December 2018

The latest pdf icon taxi newsletter [233kb] is now available to read and has been posted to all licensed drivers.

Taxi Fares Review

The formal consultation for the review of taxi fares has begun, and will end on 5th January 2019. The proposed fares can be pdf icon viewed here [128kb].

Please let us know your views. Email us at or write to us at Licensing District Council, Mendip District Council, Cannards Grave Road, Shepton Mallet. BA4 5BT.

Home Office - County Line Gangs

Please see the Home Office poster pdf icon County Line Gangs [1Mb] for the signs to look out for in case a child is being used by gangs to assist with drug crime.

Changes to all vehicle applications and driver renewals

From the 1st September applications for all vehicle applications and driver renewal applications will need to be complete when they are submitted. Incomplete applications will not be processed until all documents are received. For vehicle applications, this means that the 4 working day service standard will begin once all of the required documents, including the engineers report, have been received. You are advised to submit your complete vehicle or driver renewal application in good time to ensure continuity of your licence.

What is Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)?

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a form of sexual abuse that involves the manipulation and/or coercion of young people under the age of 18 into sexual activity. Young people are groomed and sexually exploited in many different forms. This could be online, through street gangs, in religious environments, and by those in positions of authority including celebrity. The common theme in all cases is the imbalance of power and the control exerted on young people by the exploiter/perpetrator.

What is Mendip doing about CSE?

MDC is working with other Councils and the Police in Somerset to raise awareness about this issue with people who may be able to spot signs that something is wrong and children could be at risk of exploitation. To ensure taxi drivers in Mendip are able to spot signs of CSE and know where and how to report it we are distributing leaflets and promotional material to drivers, including a guide for drivers of taxi and private hire vehicles labelled 'How to identify and report Child Sexual Exploitation'.

How do I find out more about CSE?

There is further information on the Avon and Somerset Constabulary, Somerset Safeguarding Children Board and National Working Group Tackling Child Exploitation websites.

Message From the Home Office Regarding Illegal Workers

Home Office launches campaign to tackle illegal working in Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle sector

The Home Office will launch Operation Magnify, a UK-wide enforcement and compliance initiative to prevent illegal working in the taxi and private hire vehicle sector.

During the campaign, immigration enforcement officers will carry out intelligence-led enforcement activity in the sector, alongside educational visits to licensing authorities and operators to raise awareness of illegal working. In the taxi and private hire vehicle sector the majority of drivers are self employed, which means that they are not subject to existing right to work checks undertaken by employers. This leaves scope for this sector to be exploited by illegal workers.

Whilst many licensing authorities conduct immigration checks as part of their process to determine that someone is 'fit and proper' to hold a licence, not all do. It is therefore sensible and proportionate to require all licensing authorities to undertake consistent and simple immigration status checks as part of the licence application process. This is why the Home Office are using the Immigration Bill, currently progressing through Parliament, to embed immigration safeguards into the existing licensing regimes for taxis and private hire vehicles.

These immigration checks further support the aims of licensing authorities to protect public safety and increase confidence in the taxi and private hire vehicle sector.

Helping you to make checks

To help us tackle the problem of illegal working, we are reminding employers of current guidance available to undertake right to work checks, to ensure drivers and operators in this sector have the right to work in the UK.

You can help to raise awareness of this issue by sharing our short animated video, 3 step check poster and information slide pack pdf icon how to make right to work checks [146kb].

  • The 3 step check poster is available on
  • Watch our 'How to make a right to work check' video on YouTube
  • Guidance on how to make right to work checks can be found on

Anyone with concerns about illegal working or non compliant employers should report this to the Home Office at

Private Hire and Taxi News Magazines

For the latest magazines please visit Private Hire and Taxi Monthly and Private Hire News. Paper copies are no longer available in reception.

Mendip Wide

All drivers should always ensure that they follow crime prevention advice when leaving a vehicle unattended. A link is provided to the Avon and Somerset Constabulary to find more information.

You are strongly advised to take this advice seriously as there was a spate of vehicle crime affecting taxis licensed in this area.

Last modified: 15 January 2019