Living in Lamyatt, and the Use of the Village Hall

A survey of Lamyatt Residents' views

The Village Hall Trust is updating its family survey to get up to date information about you, village life and what you want from the much improved village hall that we are working to develop for the village over the next year. Planning permission has been granted for renovation and extension to the village hall.To secure the local and national grants that we need to get the works underway, we now need your help.
The following reflects the facilities that you told us you wanted 2 years ago and also the ideas you put forward when we consulted on the draft plans:

·There will be near level access into the building from a repositioned entrance, with some additional parking bays.

·There will be internal toilets and storage. The outside ones will be demolished.

·The main entertainment hall will extend out into the yard and open up onto the outdoor area.

·The kitchen will be repositioned into the existing hall alongside a small meeting room/ reception area.

·A small mezzanine level is planned for local history and village records. There will also be computer access at ground floor level.

·Sound insulation will be installed along with energy saving features and general insulation, making it comfortable and economical to heat.
Please spend a few minutes answering the following questions to help us plan for the needs of local people and future of the hall, and gain an understanding of what facilities and activities our community would support. Please ensure all members of your household likely to express an opinion have the opportunity to complete the questionnaire individually. This will help us to gather the views of all age-groups.
All information will remain confidential and is gathered in compliance with data protection requirements.
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About You

1. What is your age?
2. How long have you lived in Lamyatt?
3. How many adults (aged 18 or over) live in your household?
4. How many children (under 18) live in your household?
4a What age(s) are the under 18s in your household?
5. Do you consider yourself to have any longstanding illness, disability or infirmity (long-standing means anything that has troubled you over a period of time or that is likely to affect you over a period of time)?

Living in Lamyatt

6. Why did you or your family originally move to Lamyatt? (Please tick all that apply)

Living in Lamyatt

7. Please list below up to three main reasons why you enjoy living in Lamyatt:
8. Please list below up to three main drawbacks of living in Lamyatt:

Services and Amenities

9. Which of the following services and amenities do you visit, use  or travel to on a regular or frequent basis (eg at least once a month)?

Access to Services and Amenities

10. And which means of transport do you use most often to access the services you use regularly?
  Local shops                
  Doctor, hospital or other medical services                
  Primary school                
  Secondary school                
  Nursery or playgroup                
  College or other place of further/higher/adult education                
  Post Office                
  Railway station                

Social and Recreational Activities

11. How often do you take part in the following social and recreational activities?
  Visit a pub          
  Go out to eat          
  Theatre, concert or other live performance          
  Walking / cycling / horse riding          
  Gym /exercise class / swimming          
  Attend a book club or other social meeting          
  Go to a nightclub          
  Take part in an arts, drama or musical group          
  Go to watch or play sport          
  Visit museums and other cultural or historic venues          
  Visit friends or family          

Access to Social and Recreational Activities

12. Bearing in mind the distances you have to travel, and any transport you need to use, on average how easy or difficult is it to get to the locations of the recreational activities you most frequently enjoy?

Activities in the Improved Village Hall

13. Thinking about the potential of the improvements to the village hall, which of the following activities would you be interested in taking part in or even helping to organise? (Tick both 'organise' and 'take part' options if you would be interested in both).
  Drama / shows          
  Choir group          
  Exercise / fitness classes          
  Indoor table sports (table tennis, pool, darts etc)          
  Book club / exchange / library          
  Lunch / Supper club          
  Coffee mornings          
  Film showings          
  Games and quiz evenings          
  Children's playgroup          
  Private parties (children or adults)          
  Evening classes (eg art, craft and computer skills)          
  Guest talks / taster sessions          
  Local history club          

Activities in the Improved Village Hall


Internet Access at the Village Hall

14. Lastly, we plan to have internet access at the village hall while it is open. do you think you would make use of this facility?
14a If you were to use the internet and computer facilities at the hall, would you ideally like some help in using them at first?
15. Do you have access to the internet at home or at work?
16. Do you ever access the internet in other places that provide access (eg the public library)?
16a Do you ever visit the Lamyatt village website
16b Do you receive Lamyatt village bulletins by email?
17. Do you think having computer and internet facilities at the village hall will enhance residents' opportunities to find jobs and/or pursue studies and courses?

And finally...

18. Please provide your name and postcode below. The information will not be used for any purpose other than this consultation about our village hall.

Thank you for taking the time to give us your views on this important issue for the village. Please click on the 'submit' button below to return your questionnaire.

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