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Who are Acorn?

Acorn is an independent development and regeneration group of companies that has for over 20 years successfully created a range of residential led refurbishment and new build schemes.

With offices in London, Cornwall, Exeter, Bristol, Cardiff and Hampshire, Acorn specialise in bespoke developments to meet the local community's needs. 

Acorn works flexibly with Landowners, Introducers, local authorities, public bodies, Housing Associations and Charities. 

Following Acorn's 'Different by Design' ethos, their experienced imaginative management and construction and sales teams have led to Acorn being one of the country's most successful property developers and partners. 

Established in 1995, Acorn has a strong focus on the provision of interesting, complementary and sustainable architecture that adds quality and a sense of purpose to its immediate environment.  Their in-house team includes architects, interior designers, town planners, surveyors and construction managers who can be trusted to make the most of every opportunity. Together with their brand and sales and marketing teams, specialise in creating and delivering the best scheme for every individual site and community. 

With a countrywide portfolio including urban and rural locations, brownfield and greenfield sites, new build or conversions including listed buildings and numerous residential and commercial mixed-use sites.

Last modified: 09 November 2018