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Local Plan Part II: Sites and Policies

Local Plan Part II follows from the adopted strategy in Local Plan Part I and allocates additional sites for housing, employment and community facilities across Mendip.

Local Plan Part II

The purpose of Mendip District Local Plan Part II (Sites and Policies) is to:

  • Identify and allocate additional sites for housing to meet the requirements for affordable and market housing set out in Local Plan Part I;
  • To ensure there are sufficient sites to enable a rolling five year supply of housing land in the District;
  • To allocate additional employment land  and identify existing employment sites to support economic development;
  • To update development limits around towns and villages;
  • To propose Local Green Spaces based a review of "open areas of local significance' in the current Part I Plan;
  • To introduce a 'single-site' exception policy to allow self or custom build dwellings in rural settlements for occupiers with a local connection.

Submission and Examination

Local Plan Part II and Proposed Changes were submitted for examination on 23rd January 2019. You can view submitted documents on the submission documents page.  Details of the examination programme will be updated on the Examination page. This also gives details of the Programme Officer to the examination.

Progress of Local Plan Part II through its pdf icon consultation stages is shown here [276kb].

Pre-Submission Plan and Proposed Changes

A Pre-submission Local Plan Part II was published on 12 January 2018 with supporting documents.
Representations received to the consultation can be viewed on the Pre-Submission Representations Page (this also includes responses to proposed changes).

A detailed analysis of the issues raised and responses from the Council can be viewed on the Settlement Issues and Responses page.

Following consideration of responses to the Pre-Submission Plan, a schedule of Proposed Changes was agreed at Council in December 2018.  Combined maps by towns and villages showing Pre-submission and Proposed Changes are listed on the Settlement Issues and Responses page.

Issues and Options

In developing the Part II Plan, an Issues and Options consultation including village drop in sessions was held in Sept - December 2015. The consultation documents can be found on the Issues and Options page.

Sustainability Appraisal (SA) and Habitats Assessment (HRA)

In accordance with European and national legislation, Local Plan Parts I and II are subject to a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Sustainability Appraisal (SA). This applies to Local Plan Part II and also forms an important part of the site selection process. The SA and HRA documents which accompanied the Pre-submission Plan can be found on the submission documents page. A SA scoping report was published at issues and options stage. The purpose of the HRA is to assess the impact of the draft plan on designated wildlife areas of European Importance. This has been updated to take account of proposed changes and legal re-interpretation of mitigation requirements.

Local Green Spaces

Local Green Spaces are intended to protect areas that are important to local communities or have special qualities. The Part II Plan identifies Local Green Spaces following a review of open spaces, identified as 'Areas of Local Significance' (OALS) policy in the adopted Local Plan. Further information can be found on the Local Green Spaces page.

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Last modified: 07 February 2019