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Local Plan Part II - Sites and Policies

What is Local Plan Part II

The Part II Plan identifies additional sites for housing, employment and other uses. It also designates Local Green Spaces - which are safeguarded from development in national planning guidance. These will replace the Open Areas of Local Significance carried forward from the 2002 District Local Plan.  An initial draft of Local Plan Part II was considered at Cabinet on 13th November for approval by Full Council on 18th December.  Further information can be found here.

Pre-Submission Consultation
Subject to agreement at Full Council, the draft Local Plan Part II will be published for consultation from 2nd January 2018 to 12th February 2018.

Details on the consultation will be updated on this page when available.

Key Stages in Local Plan Part II

Issues and Options Consultation - October 2015   - January 2016  The Council published a comprehensive review of additional  site options and local green spaces for towns and villages across Mendip. These can be found in the consultation documents section (on the right of this page). Over 1000 people attended the drop in events throughout the district in October and November 2015 and 800 written responses were received.   
Compilation of Responses  February - April 2016Summaries from the issues and options consultation were published in April 2016. Lists of the organisations and individuals responding to the consultation can be found in the documents section below. These show the response reference numbers and whether they relate to a question or individual site.
Further  consultation  with Parishes/Town Councils  December 2016 - April  2017Initial officer-level views on sites and candidate Local Green Spaces were provided to Parish and Town Councils  in late 2016.
In some cases, additional open spaces and development sites  have  been  assessed in response to comments from Parish Councils.
Review of National PolicyThrough 2017Through the Plan process, the policy team have also been considering the potential impact of changes to National Planning Policy and supporting guidance.
Pre-Submission Consultation   January 2018 - February 2018This is the formal consultation stage on the Part II plan The Council will publish the draft Plan including the Council's preferred options for development sites. It will also publish supporting evidence on  site selection (sustainability appraisal and review of Local Green Spaces. The consultation period will be at least six weeks (but may be extended if over the festive period).

Individuals and organisations who have submitted comments or promoted land for development will be notified. Landowners will also be notified where the  Council intend to designate a Local Green Space in the Plan.  Representations made at this stage will be considered at the examination.
February 2018The policy team will compile the responses and consider if any changes should be made to the Plan before submission.
Submission of the Part II Plan   March 2018The Plan, supporting evidence and details of representations are submitted to the Secretary of State. These will be considered by an independent planning Inspector who will advise on the key issues to be examined,  timetable and participants.
Examination of the Part II Plan   June/July 2018 (estimated)This will be a public hearing of the key issues. Participation in the Examination will be determined by the Local Plan Inspector.
Receipt of Inspectors Report November 2018This is the earliest likely date for the Inspector to publish his report. The Inspector may issue interim findings earlier than this.

The Council will consider the report and any recommendations for changes. This may require additional consultation.
Plan AdoptionDecember 2018The Plan will be  formally adopted by the Council and forms part of the development plan.


Last modified: 20 November 2017