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Local Plan Part II: Pre-Submission Consultation

This Plan allocates additional sites for housing, employment and community facilities across Mendip. There are additional policies identifying Local Green Spaces and existing Employment Sites. The plan contains a draft policy to promote Self and Custom build housing. The Council is consulting on a separate Supplementary Planning Document which gives more details on how the policy would work in practice.

Consultation on a pre-submission draft of the Local Plan Part II closed on 12th February 2018. This is the formal stage of consultation before the Plan is submitted for examination to the Secretary of State.  Officers are now considering the responses received and the next stage will be whether 'modifications' should be made to plan proposals. Any changes will need to be approved by Cabinet and submitted alongside the draft Pre-submission Plan.

Responses to the consultation will be available and uploaded to the Local Plan Part II - Pre-Submission Representations page.

The Local Plan Part II timetable can be found at the bottom of this page.

Local Plan Part II: Pre-Submission Draft

pdf icon 1. Consultation Notices [208kb]
pdf icon 2. Sections 1-9 (Written Statement and Policies) [2Mb]
pdf icon 3. Section 10 Settlement Policies - Mendip Towns [10Mb]
pdf icon 4. Section 11 Settlement Policies - Mendip Villages [16Mb]
pdf icon 5. Section 12 Maps of Local Green Spaces - Villages in Open Countryside [6Mb]
pdf icon 6. Section 13 Maps of Established and Future Employment Growth Sites [12Mb]

Proposed Self-Build Policy (DP24)

pdf icon SPD1. Draft Supplementary Planning Document for consultation. [294kb]

Draft Sustainability Appraisal and Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA)

The draft sustainability appraisal and HRA

Supporting Documents to the Consultation

pdf icon S1. Statement of Consultation [902kb] 
pdf icon S2. Summary of Responses to Issues and Options [554kb]
pdf icon S3. Draft Infrastructure Plan [1Mb]
Local Green Spaces Background paper and information
pdf icon S4. Housing Supply Background Paper [716kb] and Appendix pdf icon Provisional Housing Trajectory [563kb]
pdf icon S5. Self and Custom Build Background Paper [233kb]

More Information

pdf icon MI1.Glossary of Planning Terms [328kb]
pdf icon S6. Equalities Statement [268kb]
pdf icon MI2 - List of Part II Proposals by Ward and Parish [176kb]
pdf icon MI3 - Presentation to the parish forum - 18th January 2018 [505kb]
Issues and Options Stage

How to make comments

Comments must be made in writing and should use the consultation response form. We would prefer all supporting information is sent by email. We will accept letters and emails but the form includes questions to assist us with the examination stage of Local Plan Part II.  Please note that any responses received will be published on the Council's Website.

pdf icon Consultation Response Form (PDF) [268kb] / word icon Consultation Response Form (word) [64kb]
pdf icon Response Form - Guidance [208kb]

If you don't have internet access, response forms are available from Council Offices and Access Points, or can be sent to you on request.  Please contact us if you have any questions on making responses or need more information.

Returning your Representations

Completed responses should be submitted:

By e-mail to: or
By hand at: the Council's offices (see postal address below) or
By post to: Planning Policy, Mendip District Council, Canards Grave Road, Shepton Mallet, Somerset BA4 5BT

All Responses must be received by 5.00pm on Monday 12th February 2018.

Local Plan Part II timetable

Consultation Timeline of Local Plan Part II  & Milestones

Local Plan Part 1

Dec 2014

Adoption of Local Plan Part I

Plan Preparation

Local Plan Regulations 2012 - Regulation 18


April - Sept 2015

Commencement of work on Local Plan Part II. Preparation of Background Material on Settlement Constraints, Assessment of Land availability and suitable sites

Issues and Options Consultation 

October 2015 to January  2016  

Documents published on website and 'roadshow' of events


February - April 2016

Review of Responses

A schedule of respondents was published in April 2016.

Stage 2  - Follow-up consultation with Parishes/Town Councils  

December 2016 - March  2017

Officer-level views on allocations sites and candidate Local Green Spaces were provided to Parish and Town Councils in late 2016.


April - July 2017

Review of options in response to comments from Parish Councils.

Review of National Policy/Strategic Housing Market Assessment

Through 2017

Through the Plan process, the policy team have also been considering the potential impact of changes to National Planning Policy and supporting guidance.

Pre-Submission Consultation

Local Plan Regulations 2012 - Regulations 19 & 17

Plan Publication


January 2018 - February 2018

This is the formal consultation stage on the Part II plan. Representations made at this stage will be considered at examination.


Local Plan Regulations 2012 - Regulation 22

Review of Responses Updated statement of Representations

February - March- 2018

Updated statement on representations and main issues which is submitted with the plan

The Council will consider if changes should be made to the Plan before submission.


April 2018


May 2018

The Plan, supporting evidence and details of representations are submitted to the Secretary of State. These will be considered by an independent planning Inspector who will advise on the key issues to be examined, timetable and participants.


Local Plan Regulations 2012 - Regulations 23 & 24

Examination of the Part II Plan   

July 2018 (estimated)

This will be a public hearing on the main issues. Participation in the Examination will be determined by the Local Plan Inspector.

Receipt of Inspectors Report

November 2018


This is the earliest likely date for the Inspector to publish his report. The Inspector may issue interim findings earlier than this.

The Council will consider the report and any recommendations for changes. This may require additional consultation.


Plan Adoption

December 2018

The Plan will be formally adopted by the Council and forms part of the development plan.


Last modified: 26 February 2018