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Latest News - January 2018

Local Plan Part II - A Pre-submission draft of Local Plan Part II is now out to consultation until 5pm on Monday 12th February.  Notification of the Pre Submission consultation is being sent out to contacts on the Council's development plan database. Please contact the policy team if you wish to be notified.  A separate notification has been sent to Landowners affected by Local Green Space designations, more information can be found here.

Brownfield Register - This has now been published and is available to view here.

Timetable & Development Plan for Mendip

The timetable for the production of policy documents (known as a Local Development Scheme) was updated and agreed on 9th January 2017 and can be found pdf icon here [495kb].

An updated schedule of the policies and documents which make up the Development Plan for Mendip can be found pdf icon here [217kb]. This schedule also shows other guidance which may be a consideration in policy decisions and a list of parish plans, design statements and conservation appraisals by settlement.

Information on Supplementary Planning Documents can be viewed here.

Local Plan Parts I & II

Local Plan Part I - Mendip has a recent adopted Local Plan (Dec 2014).  It covers the period 2006-2029 and sets out the Council's overall strategy and housing requirements for the district. It also contains development management policies used to assess planning applications.  The Council considers its housing policies as 'up-to-date' as it can demonstrate more than five year supply of deliverable housing sites. Scoping work on a review of the Part 1 Plan is scheduled for 2018.  

Please see our Development Monitoring page for more information on the five year supply.

Local Plan Part II - This plan identifies additional housing and employment sites to meet district needs in towns and villages, update settlement boundaries and review open space designations. An issues and options consultation was held in Oct - Dec 2015.  A list of individuals and organisations making responses and summary of comments is available within the documents section of the Local Plan Part II page.  Full responses are not available online but can viewed at the Council offices.  A Pre-Submission consultation will start in January 2018.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

There are no CIL charges on development in Mendip. Financial contributions are sought via a legal (s106) agreement where required in line with national guidance and Local Plan policies.  Proposals to commission viability work to assess the introduction of CIL were agreed by Cabinet in September 2016. Any decision to proceed with a draft charging schedule will not be made until early 2018. 

Gypsy and Travellers DPD

Local Plan Part I sets out a need for a significant number of additional pitches and contains policies for assessing individual applications. No consultations have yet taken place which identify suitable sites or locations.

Neighbourhood Planning 

Neighbourhood Plans for Frome and Rode have been adopted.  Details on other designated areas can be found in the Neighbourhood Plans section as well as the support we offer for Neighbourhood Planning.

Affordable Housing

The Council expect 30% of dwellings in schemes over 10 units to be 'affordable'.  In a change to adopted Local Plan Policy DP11 Affordable Housing, contributions will not be sought on proposals under 10 units or under 1000 sq m in line with national planning guidance.  The mix and tenure of affordable units is negotiated on a case by case basis. The Council also actively support local affordable housing schemes under its Exception Sites policy. Further details can be found here.

Self and Custom build proposals

The Council maintain a register of Individuals and organisations interested in self or custom-build homes - further details are available here.

Planning Reform

The Council submitted a  pdf icon response [347kb] to the government consultation "Planning for the right homes in the right places".  A proposed formula for setting housing requirements could result in substantially higher housing growth in the Mendip District.

Last modified: 03 January 2018