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Renewal Notice:

Please note any garden waste bins that are not displaying a valid service sticker will have a notification attached to the bin. 

Joined serviceSticker colourCollectionsCost
Between February 2019 and March 2020BronzeEvery fortnight once a sticker and bin is received until 31st March 2020£56.90

Missed collections:  If the garden waste bin does not display a valid sticker for the service a missed collection will not be provided.

If you have paid for the service and a sticker has not arrived within 10 working days please contact us to advise; if there is no sticker displayed your bin will not be emptied.

Prior to renewing your garden waste bin please read the terms and conditions of the service.

To pay please read Garden Waste Bins - To Pay, you will be required to create an account.

If you have not received your invoice please contact customer services on 0300 303 8588.


Garden waste & composting

All householders across Mendip can subscribe to a fortnightly garden waste collection service.

Payment is required in advance and is non-refundable. Please read the full garden waste Terms and Conditions for further information.

Garden waste bins - To Pay

If you have received an invoice for your garden waste service for 2019/2020 you can make a payment via our Sundry Debtors payment form using our on-line secure payments system, please note you will be asked to login or register to pay online.

Garden waste bins - To Apply

If you would like to join the service for this year which began on the 1st April 2019 please complete the online form below and an invoice will be sent out to you. Once payment has been processed and a sticker received you will receive the service up to 31st March 2020.

Garden waste bins have a capacity of 180 litres. The annual charge for the current period which began on the 1st April 2019 and runs until the 31st March 2020 is £56.90.  The bins will be ordered after payment has cleared from our financial services department. The delivery of the bin could take up to 10 working days.

The district council issue annual renewal invoices for wheeled bins to subscribers, which start from 1 April each year. New subscriptions can start from any time during the year, but the full year fee will still apply for collections until renewals are due. Refunds cannot be issued for cancelling the service during the year.

For the service this year a sticker will be issued.

Moving house?

Garden bins must be taken to your new address and not left at the old address, unless you are moving out of Somerset altogether. If you move to a new district within Somerset then please take their bin with you and we will replace it for the correct colour bin at your new home. Please complete the online form below if you move, or have a change of name. 

To cancel garden waste service

Refunds cannot be issued for cancelling the service during the year. If you no longer wish to use the service you can arrange for the bin to be collected. Simply complete the online service form or contact our customer service team on 0300 303 8588.

Replacement bin or payment sticker 

Should you require a replacement proof of payment sticker for your garden waste bin please complete the online service form below.

Should you require a replacement garden waste bin due to it being lost or damaged please contact customer services on 0300 303 8588.

Garden waste sacks

Garden waste sacks are available at £28.40 for a pack of 10 from 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020. To order a pack please contact our customer services team on 0300 303 8588. Payment will be taken over the telephone.

Home composting

If you would like to know more about turning your unwanted garden waste, vegetable peelings and non cooked kitchen waste into a free, nutritious material that puts the goodness back into the garden, visit the Somerset Waste Partnership's Home composting page.

Last modified: 24 January 2019