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Annual canvass and Household Enquiry Form

Mendip District Council will send every household in the district a household enquiry form (HEF). It is a legal requirement to reply to this form.

The form will tell you who is registered to vote at the property. We use this information to update the electoral register and send any person who is not registered to vote an invitation to register.

You'll need to update the information for the household by responding to the form. If you do not respond to this form a reminder will be sent.

Canvassers will call to all properties where there hasn't been a response to the HEF or the reminder letter. It is important to provide the information asked for on the HEF.  If you don't you could be fined £1000.

Responding to the HEF

If all of the details on the form are correct you can confirm this information

You'll need the security code printed on the front of your form to confirm your details.

If anything is wrong or you'd like to make changes it's quick and easy to change the details

You'll need the security code printed on the front of your form to confirm your details.

If you can't use the options above you can complete the form and return it in the envelope provided. You must sign your form.

What happens next

If you've confirmed that all of the details on the HEF form are correct no further action is needed. All electors will remain on the electoral register.

If you tell us there are new people eligible to be registered they will receive an invitation to register form. They can also go online to register to vote at Register to vote once you have responded to the HEF.

If you tell us that there are people on the list who shouldn't be registered at the property you'll receive a letter to check this is correct.

Last modified: 03 October 2018