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Bath and West Local Development Order

Local Development Order for the Royal Bath and West Enterprise Area (adopted 18th April 2018)

Background Context

As part of the Economic Development Strategy for Mendip, Mendip District Council designated the Bath and West Showground near Shepton Mallet as an Enterprise Area. This Enterprise Area aims to attract new business investment and growth into Mendip.

The Local Development Order (LDO) covers an 8.3 hectare part of the Enterprise Area, which forms part of the area designated for business space development within the adopted Planning Framework for the Bath & West Showground regeneration area.

LDOs were introduced through the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 and, in effect, grant full planning permission (in advance) for the specific form/type of development detailed in the order. An LDO may be time limited (in this case it is for 5 years) but the Local Planning Authority (LPA) may also revoke an LDO at any time. The LDO removes the need for a planning application to be made by a developer/occupier allowing development to proceed without the time and cost implications of having to submit a detailed planning application. Although there is a self-certification process as detailed below.

The LDO is intended to provide certainty to potential investors and encourage new development; with occupiers benefiting from reduced costs and speedy delivery.

The LDO grants conditional planning permission for development falling within Classes B1 (Offices (not falling within Class A2); Research and Development of products or processes; and Light Industrial), B2 (General Industrial) and B8 (Storage and Distribution) of the Use Classes Order 1987 (as amended).

Development is restricted to use class B1 only within the northern part of the LDO site, closest to the village of Prestleigh. This comprises an area of approximately 2.7 ha, which leaves the remaining 5.6 ha available for uses B1, B2 and B8 according to market demand.

The adopted Local Development Order is viewable here:  pdf icon Adopted LDO Consent 18 April 2018 [304kb]

pdf icon LDO Site Boundary Appendix 1 [3Mb]

pdf icon Design Statement Revision Appendix 2 [2Mb]

pdf icon Self Certification Form Appendix 3 [221kb] (see below)

The Statement of Reasons from the final consultation is viewable here:

pdf icon Final Complete Statement to Reasons 21 Feb 2018 [10Mb]

Please note the adopted Local Development Order is a slightly amended version of the draft in the Statement of Reasons to account for a change in the drawing number in condition 6 as reflected in the Planning Board report; and deal with a formatting error in the Order, as part of condition 17 has incorrectly been numbered as conditions 18 in the draft for consultation and to Planning Board. Former condition 19 was then re-numbered 18 and the numbering amended thereon accordingly.

The LDO requires compliance with the following documents:

pdf icon Design Statement [2Mb]

pdf icon Transport Assessment [13Mb]

Plans relating to off site Beardsley Batch Improvement works:

 pdf icon Beardly Batch General Arrangement [179kb]

 pdf icon Beardly Batch Visibility [165kb]

 pdf icon Beardly Batch Tracking [282kb]

 pdf icon Revised Framework Travel Plan [9Mb]

 pdf icon Drainage Strategy [5Mb]

and is informed and justified by the following documents

pdf icon Contaminated Land GeoEnv Report [6Mb]

pdf icon Cont Land GeoEnv Report with wild beer [12Mb]

pdf icon Archaeology Geophysical Survey [5Mb]

pdf icon Ecological Impact Assessment [2Mb]

pdf icon Protected Species Report [9Mb]

pdf icon Landscape and Visual appraisal LDO-revc-20-10-2014 [13Mb]

pdf icon Noise Survey - LDO Bath and West - Clarke Saunders Associates [694kb]

The studies above are also supported by a range of work previously completed in 2010 to inform the adoption of the Planning Framework viewable on the following link:  Royal Bath and West Showground Planning Framework

An EIA Screening Assessment was originally undertaken in 2014 which confirmed the proposal was not EIA development. A revised EIA Screening Analysis was undertaken in March 2018 to take account of the new EIA Regulations 2017 and changes in local circumstances that occurred since the original Screening Opinion.

pdf icon EIA Screening Opinion March 2018 [156kb]

Does your development qualify and submitting a self-certification application

To check whether your development complies under the provisions of the Local Development Order, please read the information contained in the order, before submitting an enquiry to us.

Please note some of the conditions on the LDO require discharge before the self-certification process can be followed.

For further information and the conformity (self - certification) and discharge of LDO conditions process, please contact the Planning Team:

By post: Planning, Cannards Grave Road, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 5BT

Telephone: 0300 303 8588


Last modified: 07 May 2018