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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the charges increasing?

There are several contributing factors behind the decision to increase charges;

Parking charges have not increased since 2014 and Season Ticket/Permit prices have not increased since 2012, whilst costs for things like maintenance, servicing and utilities have.  The prices are essentially being realigned to more appropriate levels.  This will enable continued investment in the car parks and further improvements in the coming years.

Why are the charges going up by the levels announced?

The charges haven't increased since 2014 and Season Ticket/Permit prices since 2012, and therefore they're rising at a level to reflect this.

Which car parks are affected by the price increase?

All car parks in The Mendip area will be affected, however certain tariffs in South Parade car park, Frome, Vicarage Street car park, Frome and Wilfrid Road car park, Street will be reduced.

Why are you introducing Sunday charging in Frome and Shepton Mallet?

We have been charging on Sundays in Street, Glastonbury and Wells since 1996 and we are committed to a consistent and fair approach across the District.

Will users get notice of the increase?

Yes, notices will be put in all car parks affected and in the local press.

Will parking still be free in the evening?

Yes, parking will still be free of charge from 6pm to 9am.

When will the charges go up?

We anticipate that the charges will go up in late summer 2018.

Can I pay for my Season Ticket/Permit on a monthly basis?

At present we are unable to offer this service, however, this is proposed to be available from autumn 2018.

Do the machines give change?

No, pay and display machines do not give change.  Users should tender the correct fee. Alternatively, our Phone and Pay system is available. This allows you to pay for parking via a credit/debit card. Details of how to use this service are on each payment machine.

What improvements are you making to the car parks?

We are hoping to improve signage. This is in addition to routine maintenance improvements such as relining.

What happens to the money raised by parking charges?

On the whole revenue from car parking is reinvested into the car parks and is used to fund the service. 

Can disabled users still park for free?

Free parking for blue badge holders is available, on the same basis as the current arrangements. Full details can be found in each car park. 

How much will it cost me to park at the moment?

The current pricing structure for all MDC Car Parks can be found following the link below:

Pay & Display Car Parks in Mendip

How much will it cost to park in the future?

The new pricing structure, which will come in to force later this year can be found following the link below:

pdf icon Pay & Display new tariff pricing structure [204kb]

How much will a Season ticket/Permit cost?

The current season ticket/permit prices can be found following the link below:

Parking Permits

How much will a Season ticket/permit cost in the future?

From the 1st October 2018 the new charges will apply over a three year phased period. This can be found following the link below:

pdf icon New Season Ticket pricing structure [94kb]



Last modified: 24 May 2018