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Charges introduced for re-scoring food premises

9 October 2017

Local councils across Somerset will be charging for food hygiene re-scoring visits, if requested by food businesses, from the beginning of 2018.

Food Hygiene Cert

Currently, when a food premises is inspected by an Environmental Health Officer, it is given a rating from 0 - 5. In the Mendip district, 1,058 out of 1,324 premises already hold a 5-star rating.

If a business receives a 0 to 4 rating, they are able to request a re-scoring visit if the necessary improvements have been put into place.

From next year, when a food premises in Mendip requests to be re-scored, there will be a charge of £160, to cover the cost of this extra visit. A food premises owner can request a re-inspection within three months of their initial formal inspection and can promote their improved rating with a window sticker, and their details will also be updated on the

Cllr Nigel Taylor, Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhood and Community Health Services, said: "This decision to introduce a charge for re-inspecting businesses is in line with all district and borough councils in Somerset, and will help to cover the costs associated with the re-inspections.

"The vast majority of food businesses in Mendip already score well and do not need to be re-inspected, but those premises which receive a score below 5 and want to improve quickly and be re-inspected outside the normal programme will be charged from next year.

"Mendip takes food hygiene inspections extremely seriously and publicises all scores on its twitter account - @MendipCouncil. I would urge people to keep an eye on the account or go to to check out the latest hygiene scores before they plan where to go for that celebratory meal out or lunchtime sandwich."

Mendip District Council tweets the food hygiene ratings of all businesses in the district on its Twitter account - @MendipCouncil Use the hashtag #mendipfood.

For more information, go to the Food Standards Agency website -

Last modified: 09 October 2017