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Outside Bodies

There are a number of organisations which are independent from the Council, but have an impact on its service areas.

In order that the council can maintain effective partnerships with a number of these organisations, representatives of the council, usually elected councillors, sit on the various committees and forums that are responsible for them.  Here is the current list of Outside Bodies associated with Mendip District Council

Outside BodyCouncillor RepresentativeA little bit about the organisation 

Axe and Brue Internal Drainage Board

Councillor Tom Killen
Councillor John Parham
Councillor Philip Ham
Councillor Roy Mackenzie

Drainage Boards such as this manage water levels for the protection of people, property and the environment.  Their policies cover a number of areas including activities in or adjacent to watercourses and the control of development in these areas.

Bristol Water Local Engagement Forum

Councillor Terry Napper

Bristol Water plc supplies water to over 1.1 million people and businesses in an area of almost 2,400 square kilometres centred on Bristol.  The company is an immediate member of the Agbar group, which provides water services to approximately 26 million people worldwide.

Community Education Advisory Committee, Strode College

Councillor Terry Napper

The college campus is in Street, Somerset.  They provide a full range of courses for school leavers and adults.  They deliver the widest range of A Levels in Somerset, excellent Vocational qualifications, NVQs in Hair and Beauty and Apprenticeships.  They teach Higher Education courses and a broad range of courses for Adults, including professional qualifications, computer courses and leisure interests.  They also provide training and support for businesses and employers. 

Cranborne Chase & West Wilts Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Councillor Dick Skidmore

The primary aim of this body is to ensure that exceptional landscapes are conserved and enhanced for future generations.  The partnership combines the talent, knowledge, enthusiasm and financial resources of more than twenty partners enabling them to achieve more.

District Councils' Network

Councillor Harvey Siggs

This body is the national arm of the LGA and is solely focused on the interests of District Councils.  Part of its role is to lobby and influence Government on behalf of District Councils.

East Mendip Health Forum

Councillor Helen Sprawson-White

The purpose of this body is to advise and facilitate the effective involvement of the public within the work of the NHS Trust.

Employers Panel, South West Councils

Councillor Harvey Siggs

The Provincial Council is the joint negotiating machinery for the South West. It comprises the employers' side (South West Councils' Employers Panel) and the trade union side and provides a forum for discussion, debate and negotiation on human resource issues.  The Provincial Council meets twice yearly.

Heart of the South West LEP

Councillor Harvey SiggsThe Heart of the South West (HotSW) LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership) is a strong and dynamic business-led partnership between the private sector, local authorities, universities and colleges.  Their purpose is to lead and influence economic growth, job creation and prosperity across the Heart of the South West area covering Devon, Plymouth, Somerset and Torbay.

Joint Waste Scrutiny

Councillor Nick Cottle
Councillor Peter Bradshaw

This body scrutinises the recycling and waste services.  The committee aims to ensure the engagement of local people, support economic welfare and the use of efficient and sustainable solutions.

Levels Task Force Executive Board

Councillor Tom Killen

A Somerset Levels and Moors Task Force has been proposed by a wide range of local interest groups to develop a shared sense of purpose and direction for the Levels and Moors with effective agreements on managing the often complex relationships between people, land and water.

LGA General Assembly

Councillor Harvey Siggs

To lobby and campaign for changes in policy, legislation and funding on behalf of our member councils and the people and communities they serve.

LGA People and Places Board

Councillor Harvey SiggsThe Board is drawn from the County Councils Network, District Councils Network and any non-county unitaries not represented by those two bodies. It will meet four times a year and its remit will include growth, transport infrastructure, skills and wider public service reform.

Mendip Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Partnership Committee

Councillor Nigel Taylor
Councillor Mike Pullin (Substitute)

This body supports and encourages an active partnership between all of the bodies involved in and co-ordinating management across the Mendip Hills AONB by agreeing and reviewing a Management Plan and Action Programmes.

Mendip CABCouncillor Philip Ham
Councillor Helen Sprawson-White

The aims of the CAB service are to ensure that individuals do not suffer through lack of knowledge of their rights and responsibilities or of the services available to them, or through an inability to express their needs effectively, and equally to exercise a responsible influence on the development of social policies and services, both locally and nationally.

Mendip Community SupportCouncillor Simon Davies

This body is a registered charity and limited company whose aim is to support Mendip District Council's community and strategic leadership by providing a pro-active and accessible service to all community and voluntary organisations which operate in the Mendip area.

Mendip Quarry Advisory Group

Councillor Alan Townsend
Councillor David van Dyk
Councillor Bryan Beha

This is a consultation group on issues relation to the concept of long term planning for minerals.  The group is made up of a diverse range of political and community interest groups including local MPs, District Councillors and the Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE).

Mendip YMCACouncillor Philip Ham

This body offers schemes to help and assist young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Migrant ForumCouncillor Philip Ham
Councillor Peter Bradshaw
Councillor Adam Sen

The purpose of this forum is to effectively address the needs of migrant workers living in Mendip.  It is a multi-agency group, set up at the direction of the Mendip Strategic Partnership.

Musgrove Park Hospital Members' Council

South Somerset District Councillor Sue Steele

This outside body required one representative to represent Mendip and South Somerset District Councils.  Musgrove Park Hospital is a Foundation Trust. This means that they have a membership, made up of members of staff and members of the public, who help them make the crucial decisions about the future direction of the hospital. 

PATROL (Parking and Traffic Regulations Outside London) Adjudication Joint Committee 

Councillor Nigel Taylor

The PATROL Adjudication Joint Committee has been established to enable all Councils having Civil Enforcement Area Orders to carry out civil enforcement of parking contraventions.

Police and Crime PanelCouncillor John Parham

The Police and Crime Panel scrutinises and maintains a regular check and balance on the performance and activities of the Commissioner.  Its activities include: Scrutinising the Commissioner's proposed appointment of a Chief Constable and reviewing the police and crime plan and annual report.

Safer Somerset PartnershipCouncillor Nigel Taylor
Councillor John Parham (substitute)

This is a multi-agency partnership that works together to tackle crime, disorder and antisocial behaviour, and to reduce re-offending.

Somerset Armed Forces Community Covenant Partnership

Councillor Damon Hooton

The purpose of the Somerset Community Covenant is to encourage support for the Community working and residing in Somerset and to recognise and remember the sacrifices made by members of this Community. This includes in-Service and ex-Service personnel, their families and widow/ers in Somerset and reservists.

Somerset Care & Repair

Councillor John Coles

Somerset Care and Repair is a Home Improvement Agency which provides a range of practical services designed to support elderly, disabled and vulnerable people and enable them to continue to live safe, warm and secure within their own homes.

Somerset Growth Board

Councillor Tom Killen

The body is the inward investment organisation for Somerset.  Funded initially by the public sector, it brings together private and public sector partners to encourage business relocation to Somerset.

Somerset Leaders and Chief Executive Group

Councillor Harvey SiggsA group of all Leaders and Chief Executives of Somerset Local Authorities including the Chief Executive and Chairman of the Exmoor National Park authority, intended to help provide strategic leadership on issues common to all Somerset local authorities and make recommendations as appropriate.

Somerset Levels and Moors Leader Programme

Councillor Graham Noel

This group involves a wide range of local interest groups to develop a shared sense of purpose and direction for the Levels and Moors with effective agreements on managing the often complex relationships between people, land and water.

Somerset Partnership NHS

Councillor Nigel Woollcombe-Adams

The Somerset Partnership offers a full range of integrated community health, mental health, learning disabilities and social care services to people of all ages.

Somerset Rivers Authority

Councillor John Osman
Councillor Tom Killen (substitute)

This authority was officially launched on January 31, 2015 as a response to the floods of winter 2013/14 which caused such misery and devastation to Somerset's people and communities.  Establishing the SRA was a key Action of the Somerset Levels and Moors Flood Action Plan, which was developed at the Government's request, and signed off by the Secretary of State in March 2014.

Somerset Rivers Authority Joint Scrutiny Committee

Councillor Eve Berry
Councillor Roy Mackenzie

This body has been set up to support the Somerset Rivers Authority by way of scrutiny.

Somerset Strategic Housing Group

Councillor Nigel Woollcombe-Adams

Promoting and supporting effective county-wide working on a range of housing issues and working jointly with Somerset's district councils on technical studies looking at housing need and supply.  This group is made up of elected members from each authority.

Somerset Waste Board

Councillor Nigel Woollcombe-Adams
Councillor Nigel Taylor (Portfolio Holder for Waste Services)
Councillor John Parham (substitute)

This body manages recycling and waste services on behalf of Mendip and 5 other neighbouring councils including the Somerset County Council.

South West Audit Partnership

Councillor John North, Chair of Audit Committee
Councillor Peter Bradshaw, (subsitute) 
Councillor John Parham, Finance Portfolio Holder 

This body offers a full range of internal and related services.  11 councils in the South West have joined the partnership, and where possible SWAP staff are located on site at the Mendip District Council offices.

South West CouncilsCouncillor Harvey Siggs

To bring together 40 local authorities in the region to influence government policy as it affects the region.

Wessex WaterCouncillor Terry Napper

Wessex Water are the regional water and sewage treatment business serving an area of the south west of England, covering 10,000 square kilometres including Dorset, Somerset, Bristol, most of Wiltshire and parts of Gloucestershire and Hampshire. 

West Mendip Health ForumCouncillor Ros Wyke

The purpose of this body is to advise and facilitate the effective involvement of the public within the work of the NHS Trust.

Last modified: 07 September 2017