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New Corporate Strategy to build on Mendip's achievements

24 July 2017

An ambitious new Corporate Strategy has been adopted by Mendip District Council, setting a clear direction for what the council wants to achieve over the next three years.

MDC Offices high street entrance - NEW

Titled Shape the District,the document outlines where the council wants to be and how it intends to get there, while building on Mendip's significant achievements to date in securing public services in the district through innovation and new ways of working.

At the core of the strategy is the ambition to continue to provide those public services Mendip's communities need and value the most.

The strategy focuses on the council's two new corporate priorities - Transformation and Inclusive Growth - and includes a series of commitments from the council.



The council will:

  • Pursue a prudent approach to investment and other commercial opportunities, to boost income and/or safeguard services

  • Develop and deliver strategic options for services, exploring a range of models that could include commissioning, selling, merging or divesting

  • Work with our full range of partners to coordinate and deliver services focused on specific groups, improving customer experiences while reducing duplication

  • Continue to develop Shape Mendip as an exemplar of public service best practice, enhancing the district's reputation as a great place to live and work

  • Develop and train our staff and councillors to build the right skills, to deliver our strategy and strengthen our culture of innovation and collaboration

Inclusive Growth

The council will:

  • Work with our business community to deliver the ambitions of our Economic Strategy and increase the economic vibrancy of the Mendip area

  • Work with our communities to deliver successful place shaping through vehicles such as the Local Plan, towns working groups and Neighbourhood Plans

  • Challenge our partners to fully deliver the Somerset Sustainability and Transformation Plan and adapt our services to support the actions to prevent ill health and promote the mental wellbeing of our residents

  • Use our position as a community leader to influence partners who can in turn deliver outcomes that improve the wellbeing of Mendip residents

  • Work at county, regional and national level to build communities where people live well in good quality homes with a network of support.

Shape the District supersedes the current Corporate Plan, which was due to run until 2019. The council has undergone such significant transformation in recent years that it was felt it was necessary to review and update the authority's corporate priorities, which are now reflected in the new strategy.

Stuart Brown, Chief Executive of Mendip District Council, said: "Shape the District is one of the council's most important documents - it sets a clear direction for what we want to achieve over the next three years and how we intend to do it.

"Everything we do will contribute to the delivery of the desired outcomes in the strategy. As a council we recognise the role we need to play if we are to grow as a district and are transforming the way we do things to make it happen."

Cllr Harvey Siggs, Leader of Mendip District Council, said: "The next three years are set to be a story of transformation and inclusive growth. Transformation in the way we organise and deliver our public services and growth in the quality of life enjoyed by the people who live and work here in Mendip."

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Last modified: 24 July 2017