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Work to begin on repairing flood-damaged Wells footpath

02 June 2017

Work is set to begin shortly on repairing a footpath in Wells that was damaged by torrential rain late last year.

The joint footpath and permissive cyclepath, which runs along the back of Bekynton Avenue in Wells, was damaged by floodwater during one of last winter's storms.

As well as reinstating the footpath, the council will also be clearing a ditch which runs alongside the path, removing rubbish, weeds and overgrown bushes and shrubs.

By clearing the ditch it is hoped that, should such severe weather hit again, it will help divert water away from the immediate local area.

Work is set to begin on Monday 12 June and last for three weeks. The path will remain open for both pedestrians and cyclists while the work takes place, but there may be some temporary disruption for users.

Stuart Finney, Group Manager for Neighbourhood Services at Mendip District Council, said: "This project will see a popular path used by many pedestrians and cyclists each day restored to its former condition. We are also taking the opportunity to clear a nearby ditch, which we hope will reduce the risk of flooding in this area.

"We will be keeping the path open while the work takes place, but would like to apologise in advance to anyone who has their journey disrupted while this important work takes place."

Last modified: 02 June 2017