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Shape the Future - 2017-2025

By 2020 we do not expect to receive any funding from Central Government at all.

    If we want to retain our desired position of comparatively low cost / high value Council Tax, business rates and service charging, we need to find new creative and increasingly commercial ways of supporting service delivery, working with our partners to share common functions and create value together.

    We are in a good position to achieve this goal. We have strong leadership and an ambition that is underpinned by our experience and track record delivering service transformation. We are not unduly risk-averse, and have a culture that embraces new ideas. We enjoy strong relationships with our strategic partners and are open to creating new partnerships wherever they make sense.

    While the future appears uncertain and complex, it also creates opportunities. As a result we are creating Shape the Future, a framework to deliver positive change and to help the Council serve our communities more efficiently and effectively.

    Last modified: 24 February 2017