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Wells Recreation Ground Trust - Forward Plans

Two reports have been completed for the Wells Recreation Ground Trust on the future viability of the charity and exploring how its assets can be improved.

1. Bishop's Barn and Recreation Ground Options Appraisal (Benjamin and Beauchamp Architects, 2014)

This recommended progressing a preferred scheme including a larger barn improvement project based on a heated building enabling year-round use as a community venue.  The appendices include a site survey and a tree report, together with a condition survey and an archaeological assessment of the Bishop's Barn, which is a scheduled ancient monument.  pdf icon Bishop's Barn and Wells Recreation Ground Options Appraisal, 2014 [14Mb].

2. Bishop's Barn and Recreation Ground Business Model (Christina Dixon Consulting, 2016)

This  identified and developed the best financial model for the Trust.  It confirmed the findings of the 2014 Options Appraisal and recommended progressing a larger barn scheme in parallel with enhancing the recreation ground.  It also recommended that Mendip District Council remained the sole trustee at least in the short-term.   All the recommendations within this report have been agreed and first steps include engaging a suitably qualified Project Development Manager to secure funding and drive the project forward.  pdf icon Bishop's Barn and Wells Rec Business Model, Christina Dixon Consulting 2016 [1Mb].


Last modified: 30 July 2018