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Mendip District Council aim to make the website as accessible and useable to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability, by adhering to accessibility standards and guidelines.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Conformance

This site is designed to meet the Web Accessibility Initiative's (WAI) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Version 2, to a minimum level 'AA' standard.

Access Keys

Access key short cuts have been set for the following:

'1' = Home page

 's' = Skip navigation

Note: To use these keys

For a Windows-based platform:

If the browser is Netscape/Mozilla etc, press and hold down the 'Alt' key and press the assigned key on the keyboard; if the browser is Internet Explorer, do the same as for Netscape, but also press the 'enter' key to navigate to a page.

For a Macintosh based platform:

Press and hold down the left-hand 'Control' and press the assigned key on the keyboard (e.g. Control-1 navigates to the home page).

Mobile devices

When visiting our website on a mobile device (smart phone or tablet), a mobile-friendly version of our website will be displayed. If you prefer to view the desktop version of our site, tap the 'Main site' button which is located at the bottom of each page.


We try to avoid using iframes, but from time to time we might use a third party product that uses iframes and which we have no control over. An example of this can be some of our embedded maps. Where we can we will add titles to iframes.


The vast majority of our tables have been designed to meet accessibility standards, and are only used where necessary.  However, we do have some archived pages that contain tables that may not be accessible.  Over time these will be removed from the website.  If you have difficulty using a table please let us know and we will help you access the information, and improve the table.

Accessibility limitations

Whilst we've tried to ensure this site is accessible, you may encounter some limitations. Although we always aim to communicate in clear and simple language but this isn't always possible. Some content may by technical in nature and may require technical understanding. If you do find there are parts of the website that are inaccessible, please let us know by emailing

If you have any difficulty using our website or spot any problems, please send us your feedback. We're happy to hear from you and your feedback will helps us make our site better. If you need some advice on what to write, please read this guide (opens in a new window) and send your feedback to

Last modified: 30 November 2015