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High Hedges

It is estimated that thousands of people are adversely affected by high hedges, but if the owner of the hedge is unwilling to co-operate there is little the person affected can presently do.

The high hedges legislation is found within Part 8 of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003. The high hedges legislation aims to minimise neighbour disputes and includes a formal role for local authorities.

Mendip District Council's role will be to act as an impartial third party in such disputes. If the Council considers that the hedge is affecting amenity it will have the power to order the hedge owner to take action to remedy the problem.

Members of the public can only involve the Council as a last resort and a formal complaints procedure will need to be undertaken by the complainant. The Council can only consider complaints which meet the criteria laid out by central government, the fee set for making such a complaint is £400.00.

The High Hedges complaint form and guidance of the criteria and procedure to be followed.

Making a Complaint About a High Hedge

The process of making a complaint is much more rigorous than making a normal enforcement complaint. There is a standard complaints forms and the following criteria must be met before the complaint is valid:

  • The complainant must provide evidence that they have discussed the issue with their neighbour
  • The complainant must provide evidence that they have offered their neighbour mediation
  • The complainant must provide evidence that they have informed their neighbour of their intention to complain to the Council
  • The hedge is made up of 2 or more trees and/or shrubs
  • The hedge is mostly evergreen or semi-evergreen
  • The hedge is more than 2 metres above ground level
  • The hedge is on land owned by someone else
  • The complainant is the owner or occupier of the property affected
  • The property affected is residential.
  • The complaints will be dealt with by the Development Control team and will utilise the expertise of the our Trees Officer.

The current fee is £400.00.

Last modified: 13 November 2014