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Dangerous Wild Animals

If you want to keep a dangerous wild animal, before you get the animal you must get a licence under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976.

This law was put in place to ensure that people who keep dangerous wild animals do not cause any risks to the public and safeguard the welfare of the animals.

There are many types of animals referred to as a dangerous wild animal, for example crocodiles, the big cats, ostriches and many poisonous snakes. For a complete list see the Schedule contained in The Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 (Modification) (No 2) Order 2007. Animals kept in zoos, pet shops and circuses are not covered by this legislation and need a different sort of licence.

If you are thinking of getting a Dangerous Wild Animal you must apply to us for a licence by completing the pdf icon Application for a licence for a Dangerous Wild Animal [127kb] and returning this with the correct fee.

Last modified: 30 July 2013