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Hackney Carriage/Private Hire Driver's Licence

If you want to a drive a taxi or private hire vehicle in the Mendip area you need to apply to us for a hackney carriage/private hire driver's licence.

We issue both taxi and private hire vehicle driver licences. Licences are issued for 3 years.

To apply you must have held a full GB DVLA drivers licence for at least 12 months.

Taxi and Private Hire Policy

Please visit the Taxi and Private Hire Information section for further information on the Taxi Policy.

Applying for a licence

You will need to successfully complete a Knowledge Test, Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Taxi Test or the Mendip Equivalent of the DVSA Test, and if you live outside of the Mendip area an Out of Area Assessment. Applicants who successfully pass the Out of Area Assessment will be invited to attend the Knowledge Test.

The next available dates for the Knowledge Test and Out of Area Assessment are listed below. Unless otherwise stated, all tests are held at the Council Offices. Please contact us to receive an information pack about the tests.

Table of test dates
Knowledge Test datesOut of Area Assessment dates

Please arrive 15 minutes early

10:00 am Thursday 10th January

10:00 am Monday 4th February

10:00 am Tuesday 5th March

10:00 am Wednesday 3rd April

Further dates to follow

Please arrive 15 minutes early

9:30 am Thursday 10th January

9:30 am Monday 4th February

9:30 am Tuesday 5th March

9:30 am Wednesday 3rd April

Further dates to follow

pdf icon Knowledge Test applicant letter [635kb]

pdf icon Out of Area Applicant letter [185kb]

Knowledge Test

 When you attend the Knowledge Test, you will need to bring with you:

The following documents are not required when you attend the Knowledge Test, but they are required as part of the Hackney Carriage/Private Hire Drivers Licence application. If you are able to submit them at the time of your test it will speed up the application process:

Last modified: 12 December 2018