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Premises Licence Application

A premises licence will be required for the use of any premises involved in the permanent sale of alcohol.

These licences do not need to be renewed - they last as long as the premises continue to operate unless they lapse or are revoked. However, an annual fee will be required of the premises licence holder.

Some examples where a premises licence will be needed:
  • public houses
  • restaurants
  • premises with retail alcohol sales (supermarkets, shops, off licences etc.)
  • hotels and other commercial residential premises
  • non-qualifying clubs
  • late night refreshment premises
A premises licence is required for:
  • the sale of alcohol
  • the provision of regulated entertainment
  • the provision of late night refreshment which is the sale and / or supply of hot food and / or drink between 23.00 hours and 05.00 hours.

Applying for a premises licence

Applications for premises licences have to be supported by an operating schedule. The application form and operating schedule will have to set out the nature and times of licensable activities taking place along with measures to meet the four licensing objectives contained in the Licensing Act of 2003. If alcohol is to be sold, the application will also have to specify the designated premises supervisor. A designated premises supervisor is a person who holds a personal licence under the Licensing Act of 2003, and is in control of the day-to-day management of the premises.


Premises Licence Application forms

New Applications

Variation Applications
pdf icon 1. New Premises application guidance [153kb]pdf icon 1. Variation application guidance [148kb]
pdf icon 2. New Premises Licence application form [448kb]pdf icon 2. Variation application form [383kb]
pdf icon 3. New Premises DPS Consent form [12kb]pdf icon 3. Variation application DPS consent form [12kb]
pdf icon 4. New Premises Responsible Authority Contact Details [26kb]pdf icon 4. Variation Application Responsible Authority Contact Details [26kb]
pdf icon 5. New Premises licence fees [97kb]pdf icon Variation application licence fees [97kb]
pdf icon 6. New Premises advertising [60kb]pdf icon 6. Variation application advertising [60kb]
pdf icon 7. New Premises site notice [8kb]pdf icon 7. Variation application site notice [20kb]
pdf icon 8. New Premises newspaper notice [49kb]pdf icon 8. Variation application newspaper notice [51kb]
pdf icon 9. New Premises plan requirements [43kb]pdf icon 9. Variation application plan requirements [42kb]
pdf icon 10. New Premises noise control [125kb]pdf icon 10. Variation application noise control [125kb]


 Minor Variation applications               
   pdf icon 1. Minor Variation application guidance [62kb]
   pdf icon 2. Minor Variation guidance [87kb]
   pdf icon 3. Minor Variation DCMS Guidance [142kb]
   pdf icon 4. Minor Variation application form [156kb]
   pdf icon 5. Minor Variation Site Notice [104kb]

What will I need?

New applications must include:

  • Completed forms (including consent form for the Designated Supervisor).
  • Correct fee based on the Non Domestic Rateable Value of the premises.
  • A plan of the premises, see below.

What next?

The application must be additionally copied to all Responsible Authorities, and be advertised both by way of Public Notice in a local newspaper and a site notice.
The consultation period is 28 days. At the end of the consultation, the licence will be granted if there are no representations. If there are representations, the application will go to a hearing where it will be granted, granted with conditions or refused.
If an application for a licence is refused, the failed applicant can appeal.
Any party to the hearing, may appeal to the Magistrates Court within 21 days of written notice of the decision.

Premises Licence Exemptions

There are a number of exemptions from the requirement to hold a Premises Licence when providing regulated entertainment. However, it should be noted that if alcohol is to be sold or supplied, or late night refreshment provided, a licence will still be required for those activities.

The main exemptions are as follows:-

  • Regulated entertainment in places of public religious worship;
  • Morris dancing (or similar), or a performance of unamplified live music as an integral part of such dancing;
  • Incidental music - the performance of live music or the playing of recorded music if it is incidental to some other activity;
  • Garden fetes - or similar if not being promoted or held for purposes of private gain;
  • Film exhibitions for the purposes of advertisement, information, education, etc. - if the sole or main purpose of the exhibition of a film is to demonstrate any product; advertise any goods or services, or provide information, education or instruction;
  • Film exhibitions at museums and art galleries - where the use of the film is part of the exhibit;
  • Television or radio broadcasts - as long as the programme is live and simultaneous (showing prerecorded entertainment would require a licence);
  • Vehicles in motion - at a time when the vehicle is not permanently or temporarily parked;
  • The Live Music Act 2012 has also de-regulated live music under the following conditions:
  • There is a premises licence or club premises certificate in place permitting "on sales";
  • The premises are open for the sale or supply of alcohol for consumption on the premises;
  • Live music is taking place between 08:00 and 23:00;
  • If the live music is amplified, the audience consists of no more than 200 people.
  • The Act also creates a general exemption that live unamplified music provided anywhere shall not be regarded as the provision of regulated entertainment if it takes place between 08:00 hours and 23:00 hours, regardless of the number of people in the audience.

Surrendering a Premises Licence

If you are the Premises Licence Holder and wish to surrender the licence, please complete the pdf icon form to surrender a premises licence [19kb] and return to us.

Home Office - Tackling Alcohol Fraud

Please refer to the Home Office flyers regarding pdf icon Tackling alcohol fraud through the Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme (AWRS) [38kb] and pdf icon Buying alcohol for onward sale or supply from a UK wholesaler [36kb].


Last modified: 22 August 2018