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Dog Breeding

A breeding establishment for dogs is defined as premises of any nature (including a private dwelling) where a person carries on a business of breeding dogs with the intention of selling the animals on, whether by themselves or by another person.

No person may keep a breeding establishment without first obtaining a licence from their Local Authority. The requirement will not apply to people breeding from their pet dog and each circumstance is considered, but if you breed 5 or more litters in any year you are considered to be running a business and must be licensed.

pdf icon Application for a licence to keep a dog breeding establishment [205kb]

pdf icon Breeding of Dogs Act Licence Requirements [376kb]

pdf icon Form of record to be kept by dog breeders [132kb]

How can I apply for a licence

You will need to download the Application for a licence to keep a dog breeding establishment form fill it in and return it to us with the fee. You should allow at least two months for first licence applications, though renewals should be processed more quickly. Licences last for twelve months from the day they are granted. You will automatically be sent a renewal form at least a month before your licence expires.

Where can I get help if I am thinking of applying for a Licence for the first time

Please contact us for advice if you are thinking of starting a business of breeding dogs for the first time. You will find the Mendip District Council Dog Breeding Licence Conditions and Licence Requirements helpful to give you an idea of the standards we expect to find at the premises.

Last modified: 25 August 2016