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Private Hire Vehicle

If you plan to drive a vehicle as a taxi, you should first apply for a dual use driver's badge as that usually takes longer to process.

Please refer to the Dual Use Driver's Badge page for information on how to apply.

pdf icon Private Hire Vehicle application form [121kb]
pdf icon Private Hire Vehicle Regulations [126kb]

Private Hire Vehicles are only permitted to accept pre-booked work, they are not permitted to 'ply for hire' in the street or use taxi ranks. They do not usually have a taximeter fitted, and they are not bound by our taxi fee rates.

The type of vehicle and its appearance are not prescribed, but the vehicle must be of a suitable design to carry out this role. Before you purchase or change a vehicle you should check with us that it will be suitable.

The person or company that takes bookings must be licensed as a Private Hire Operator with the Council that its vehicles are licensed. Also, the drivers of these vehicles must be licensed by the same authority, as hackney carriage / private hire vehicle drivers.

Last modified: 27 March 2014 iCM Form