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Hedgerow Regulations

Countryside hedges are protected by the Hedgerow Regulations 1997, which are quite complex when applied to individual hedgerows

It is advisable, therefore, to discuss any plans to remove hedgerows informally with the Trees and Landscaping section at an early stage before you formally seek permission. We will, on request, provide a written explanation of what action is necessary and why.

Under these Regulations :

  • It is illegal to remove most countryside hedgerows without permission. 
  • You must give Mendip District Council six weeks prior notice of your intention to remove a hedgerow. 
  • If the Council decide to prohibit removal of an important hedgerow, it must notify you within 6 weeks from the receipt of the notification. 
  • If you remove a hedgerow without permission (whether it is important or not) you may face an unlimited fine. You may also have to replace the hedgerow.